line referee observes the situation on the football field

What is Stoppage Time in Soccer

European football – also known as soccer to Yankees and other former British colonies – is one of the world’s oldest and most esteemed sports and continues to endure in popularity. Despite its revered status, however, plenty of people are not familiar with the sport’s multitude of rules and objectives that can often seem complex […]

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Close up of legs and feet of football player in blue socks and shoes

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

Do you suffer from pain in your feet or legs when playing soccer? The comfort of your feet, and particularly your arches, plays a significant role in playing soccer, or any sport for that matter. Having the correct insole inside your cleats can make quite the difference. To help you find the best insole for your […]

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soccer players in action

How To Pass A Soccer Ball

Passing the soccer ball is the most important skill that one needs to possess in order to play soccer. There are various types of passes that you can master quickly. If you have just stepped into the soccer world, start by learning the push pass followed by more challenging passes such as chipped, lofted, and […]

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Soccer hover ball

Best Hover Soccer Ball – Complete Reviews with Comparison

Many kids nowadays spend most of their time in front of some sort of screen. If you’re a parent who’s concerned about this and wants to give them an option that is fun and active, then you might be considering investing in a hover soccer ball. These are fun, engaging toys that can be used inside […]

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girl soccer player throwing the ball

How to Flip Throw in Soccer

Soccer is a wonderfully complex sport that is best played with equal parts skill and strategy. When these core values are balanced, it makes the game easy to appreciate for viewers, even if their team comes up short in the end. But for this to occur, both players and their managers – despite the significant […]

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football players dribbling ball at the stadium during sport match

How to Trap a Soccer Ball

Though the skill might seem relatively straightforward, trapping a soccer ball is deceptively challenging. Since it helps you quickly stop the ball, gain control, and prepare yourself to take a shot or make a pass, mastery of this skill can very much come in handy. The fundamentals of ball trapping are your touch, timing, and technique. […]

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occer Players Playing Pass Trying to Score a Goal.

What Does a Midfielder Do in Soccer

It’s a no-brainer that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world today. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most followed tournament in the world. We also have various soccer leagues that feature our favorite teams. Some of us are die-hard fans of the game, but how much do we understand […]

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What is a Striker in Soccer

In soccer, the striking position is one of the most exciting positions to play in or watch. This is a very influential position as it affects the mood of the whole stadium. It is arguably the most important position on the pitch. Scoring goals is one of the hardest tasks on the pitch. This is one […]

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Do Soccer Players Wear Cups

For most of us, it’s enough to just slip on a pair of boxers every morning to keep things well-ventilated and comfortable down there. But for sportsmen, it’s an entirely different ballgame (see what we did there). It’s difficult to imagine the amount of stress one might feel on the pitch, in the midst of all […]

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sad soccer player with ball on football field

What Is Relegation in Soccer

Soccer, football, whatever you call it, is a seemingly simple yet complex game of athleticism. Now you might be thinking that that sounds a bit like an oxymoron, and you aren’t wrong. The chances are that if you are currently reading this article, you are: (1) just learning about soccer, or (2) don’t know that much about […]

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