adidas smart soccer ball review

Adidas Smart Soccer Ball Review

Published date: August 24, 2019

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Disclaimer: Sadly, the Adidas Smart Soccer ball has been discontinued. You can click on the link below to get notified when it is in stock at Amazon again. This is the second time this ball has been discontinued, so it's possible we will see it again. In the meantime, take a look at the alternative choice.

Quick Overview





  • Really useful training tool for kicking
  • Holds a decent amount of charge
  • Charges quickly
  • Good variety of metrics recorded
  • Easy to use 
  • Good brand


  • Expensive
  • Limited training abilities

Soccer, or football as some people across the pond like to call it, is an incredibly popular sport all around the world. If you enjoy playing this fast-paced team sport, then you may be looking at ways in which you can improve your game. 

There has been a lot of innovation when it comes to sports technologies that allow you to better monitor your game and performance. In soccer, kicking the ball accurately is obviously one of the most important parts of the game. Therefore, when we heard about a smart ball that could monitor your kicking performance, we thought it was too good to be true. 

In this review, we took a closer look at the Adidas Smart Soccer Ball to see how it might be able to improve your game. 

Adidas Smart Soccer Ball

Founded in 1949, Adidas is a huge and reputable name in all sports, not just soccer. As the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, their instantly recognizable three stripe logo can be found on shoes, clothing, and accessories in the worldwide market.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for anyone who enjoys playing soccer and has a desire to improve their game. Whether you play soccer for fun, semi-professionally, or professionally, the Adidas Smart Soccer Ball will help you by monitoring your kicking performance. It delivers metrics such as speed, spin, and trajectory to help you brush up your free kick skills.

This ball could also be useful to a soccer team captain or coach to help monitor the performance of his players in a handy app on their smartphone. Compare metrics of your players before choosing who is best qualified to take your team’s free kicks!

What’s Included?

When you receive your Smart Soccer Ball, you will also receive one charging dock or base, as well as an AC power plug to connect to a wall plug.

Overview of the Features

Having taken a closer look at this Smart Ball from Adidas, these are the features that stood out to us the most:

Well-Known and Trusted Brand

We like the fact that this product is made by a trusted, well-known, and well-liked brand. We feel that having the brand name Adidas behind the ball, and being made in the USA, will mean that the quality and customer service will be second to none.

Adidas has also been involved in the sports industry for over half a century and has a lot of expertise in the soccer market. This gives us peace of mind in investing in a product such as this.

Useful Training Tool with Variety of Metrics

As we were browsing some of the sports techs on the market, we felt that some of it were quite gimmicky. However, with the metric data offered by this ball, we can see it being a really useful tool for training, especially when it comes to placing kicks.

The integrated sensor package can record the strike point, speed, spin, and trajectory of every single kick, and you can analyze the data via an app on your smartphone or computer to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, where you’re going wrong (if applicable), and how you can improve.

As a coach or captain, you can also use this smart soccer ball to more accurately judge your best free-kickers from any given distance or trajectory.

  • One Charge Lasts for 2000 Kicks

We’re not big fans of disposable batteries and, therefore, love rechargeable gadgets. The Adidas Smart Soccer Ball doesn’t disappoint as you can place it onto its charging base for just one hour and enjoy around 2000 kicks of data, or a week of use before needing a quick one-hour top-up.

With this smart soccer ball, a soccer team of 11 players plus substitutes will get over 100 practice kicks each in each practice in one solid charge!

How to Use This Smart Soccer Ball

Before you start using your Smart Ball, you need to download the Adidas Smart Ball app from your app store. Keep your Smart Ball charged at all times so that you can practice whenever you’re in the mood.

With this, you can either analyze your data instantly to try and improve with every kick or at a later time to check your performance over a training session. You can also enjoy exclusive tips and guidance from the Adidas team delivered to you via your app.


The only other smart soccer ball on the market is this one by DribbleUp. Like the adidas smart soccer ball, it also provides a companion app that can is useful for tracking. DribbleUp also provides smart balls for basketball.


You’ll always need a regular football for practicing with, and Adidas is a fantastic brand for providing a hard-wearing, durable ball you need. However, if you have the cash to spend on a smart ball, then this Adidas Smart Soccer Ball is amazing. 

Even if you’re not that serious about football, it’s really fun to practice with! Yet, if you are serious about improving your soccer game, then this ball is well worth the investment. With the data the ball can give to you about your kicks, you can improve each and every kick so much faster. Because it’s fun to see the data, we find that it also motivates you to practice more, which is great!

As a coach or team captain of a soccer team, we think this ball could prove invaluable. It’s just not possible to watch every single one of your players at all times, so collecting data about each player’s kicking abilities in one app is an excellent way to give each of them more informed feedback and advice to help them improve their game.