Soccer Football ball with flags

What Country Has the Most World Cup Soccer Titles

Soccer is perhaps the most popular sport globally, but not many people know which countries have won the most World Cup tournaments. In this post, we’ll go over past World Cup champions and try to uncover which team has won the most titles. The World Cup is organized by the Federation Internationale De Football Association […]

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What Is Fullback in Soccer

The role of a fullback in soccer can often be overlooked. While the flashy and more skilled players get all the glory, the dedicated fullbacks make the game possible for their teams. There are many things about what makes up a fullback that isn’t as commonly known by fans. Here, we want to give you […]

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Young women practicing with ball during soccer training

What Is Nutmegging in Soccer

Football, or as some call it, soccer, is one of the most-watched sports. This is not only because each fan wants to rally behind their favorite football club but because these hotly contested games bring out some of the best skills the world has seen. One of these skill moves is a nutmeg.  Nutmeg in soccer […]

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Athletic boy making amazing plays during a soccer game

Difference Between Striker and Forward

As an average person who enjoys football without being invested in the nitty-gritty of technical jargon involved in the sport, it is not too surprising that you may be wondering what the difference is between a striker and a forward. For the most part, strikers are types of forwards who, like all forwards, are expected […]

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High School Soccer Player Is Out Numbered By His Competition Making A Move

How to Get Better Footwork in Soccer

While soccer isn’t the most played sport in the United States, it’s still one of the most popular sports. To shine on the soccer field, a soccer player needs to possess certain skills, and one of such skills is excellent footwork. Excellent footwork requires constant practice and engaging in training drills. This article will review […]

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striker scores a goal with his head

How to Head a Ball in Soccer

Ball-heading is a vital component of football matches. In football, every part of the body can touch the ball except the hands. Players head the ball at different points within a match for different reasons. Whether it is to score a goal from a set piece, defend their penalty box, or simply win an aerial […]

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Soccer defender formation

What Are The 11 Positions In Soccer?

Soccer was founded about 2,000 years ago. Over time, the positions of soccer players have experienced a dramatic change. Nowadays, we have immense knowledge about soccer positions that help us understand their placement, importance, training, etc. We are going to look at what are the 11 positions in soccer and explain in detail everything that you […]

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line referee observes the situation on the football field

What is Stoppage Time in Soccer

European football – also known as soccer to Yankees and other former British colonies – is one of the world’s oldest and most esteemed sports and continues to endure in popularity. Despite its revered status, however, plenty of people are not familiar with the sport’s multitude of rules and objectives that can often seem complex […]

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Close up of legs and feet of football player in blue socks and shoes

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

Do you suffer from pain in your feet or legs when playing soccer? The comfort of your feet, and particularly your arches, plays a significant role in playing soccer, or any sport for that matter. Having the correct insole inside your cleats can make quite the difference. To help you find the best insole for your […]

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soccer players in action

How To Pass A Soccer Ball

Passing the soccer ball is the most important skill that one needs to possess in order to play soccer. There are various types of passes that you can master quickly. If you have just stepped into the soccer world, start by learning the push pass followed by more challenging passes such as chipped, lofted, and […]

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