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Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

Published date: January 26, 2022

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Do you suffer from pain in your feet or legs when playing soccer? The comfort of your feet, and particularly your arches, plays a significant role in playing soccer, or any sport for that matter. Having the correct insole inside your cleats can make quite the difference.

To help you find the best insole for your feet, we've compiled a list below of the best products available. Take a look.

Insoles for Soccer Cleats Reviews 


These insoles are designed not to inhibit mobility while running around on the field while reducing stress on the joints. They come color-coded to determine which one is ideal for your foot type.

They will help to improve your performance by reducing injuries and knee pain after a few hours on the field. The Neo Touch grip technology will help prevent slippage inside the shoe to improve comfort levels.

A dynamic arch is built into the flat cleat so those with flat feet can use them to increase overall stability.

Tread Labs Dash Carbon Fiber Performance Insoles

Insoles that are available from this manufacturer come in various configurations, so there's one for every type of arches. Whether you have flat arches or neutral arches, you will find one on the list that will work for you.

They are designed for soccer players who want to improve their performance but are at risk of injury. The rigid insole provides the best carbon fiber arch support and better energy return for better performance.

You can easily replace the foam part by peeling it off and adding a new one.

Superfeet Green Professional-Grade

The insoles are made to fill the whole space inside your shoe to make it a much better supportive insole. One can do this by simply trimming the arch-support inserts so they will fit your current foot size.

It comes with a base-layer stabilizer cap designed to provide support for the rearfoot and stability. The deep heel cup will give you excellent shock absorption and prevent heel pain.

The high-density foam will provide you with comfort that will last as long as you wear your shoes.

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer

This insole can control odor and the four-way stretching fabric will also prevent blisters on your feet at the same time. It is ideal to use this insole for high-impact activities where the cushioning insole provides impact absorption and high energy return.

The arch support insoles from Spenco are made from lightweight polysorbate foam to help prevent arch pain. The heel plug will do the same for the heel with added support and comfort consistently.

You will have much better overall foot support and comfort while using these insoles in your shoes.

Superfeet Black Shoe Flexible Orthotic Inserts

The low-profile design of these insoles for soccer cleats will help fill your shoes' width and length. This feature will provide your feet with much better support and stability with a quick and easy fit.

A structured heel cap increases the overall stability of your shoes while it also keeps your feet comfortable. The deep heel cup will also help prevent pain in your heels and provide better support for your feet.

The high-density layer of foam is durable and provides better comfort for the feet.

Dr. Scholl's Athletic Series, Advanced Sport Massaging Gel Insoles

The messaging gel technology added to this insole will help reduce stress in the joints of the lower body. This means that you can stay on your feet for much longer while using these insoles.

This arch insole has a flexible arch shell to improve motion control and provide better side-to-side movement. You can use these insoles with dress shoes, soccer shoes, running shoes, and other casual shoes.

If you are an athlete or participate in any sports activity, these insoles are for you. They will help to reduce muscle fatigue in the feet and legs.

Sof Sole Insoles Men's AIRR Performance

To help absorb impacts, these shoe inserts are equipped with air capsules at the heel and the arch. The gel insole also has padding at the forefoot to provide even more cushioning and comfort for the feet.

The Coolmax top cover fabric's moisture-wicking technology helps keep your feet dry all the time. The inserts provided by this company are ideal to be used with all types of athletic shoes.

So, these features make them great to use for running, cross-training, walking, and other types of impact activities.

EASYFEET Plantar Fascitis Arch Support Insoles

The built-in arch support will provide you with a pleasant and comfortable playing experience on the field. Podiatrists recommend high arch support to provide you with better support and pain relief for the arch area.

The anti-pronation biomechanical reinforcement technology will also help increase support for your arches. The gel forefoot and air capsules also enhance support for the feet and provide better cushioning for protection.

With these orthotics insoles, you get strong arch support because of the cushioning layer of memory foam base they provide.

Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Insoles

The support for neutral arches you get with these insoles gives better stability because of the full-length insole. Foot pain relief and even prevention are possible with the plantar fasciitis feature that comes with the insole.

It is also great for those who experience other types of foot, ankle, and knee pain, and even shin splints. The dual-layer cushioning provides you with a perfect balance of comfort and support.

These insoles are designed to be used every day and can be inserted in all types of shoes that are used for impact activities.

VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles

The ergonomic design of these insoles from Vomii will help to support and stabilize the foot for much better comfort. The high elastic memory foam insoles also help to provide a much better cushioning effect for flat feet.

The gel heel padding will absorb the shock and provide better support for the heel during high-impact activities such as soccer. This feature will help reduce a wide range of foot problems and foot and leg fatigue.

Medical-grade EVA foam will also help absorb moisture and keep sweat to a minimum to keep your feet dry.

Physix Arch Support Insoles

The low-profile design of this gear will not change the way your shoe fits, making it a very comfortable insole to use. This means you have a lot of room in the shoebox to ensure a comfortable fit of your soccer cleats.

A non-slip heel design will help prevent discomfort and pain in the feet while increasing support. The deep heel cradle will also add better stability and, in the process, reduce foot ache and increase comfort.

The high-quality materials used with this insole will make them last for a long time to be used all day long.

Blusol Shoe Inserts

These very thin 3mm insole will provide you with a much better and more comfortable fit for your shoes. It can also be easily trimmed to fit in most sizes of shoes so that everyone can use them in their shoes.

It also helps to keep the temperature of your feet at around 30 degrees to improve overall comfort. This feature will help to keep your feet comfortable all the time while reducing pain in the feet.

This means you can wear your shoes all day long while using these inserts and keep your comfort levels high.

OUPOWER Soccer Cleat Boot Shoe

This insole's excellent cushioning will help prevent rollover and create better flexibility while running. Much energy return and relief from muscle pain are possible with the tremendous new Poron technology.

Anti-slip embossments will help to provide you with better stability and increase the overall comfort level. This simply means that you will have much less muscle fatigue while playing the game to keep you going.

Much better air circulation is supported with the breathing holes inserted at the front of the insole. This will keep the feet dry and fresh all the time.

Meidlan Sports Shoe Insoles

The breathable velvet fabric will help to keep your feet dry while wicking away sweat and other moisture. This will help to keep your feet comfortable while preventing muscle fatigue so you can perform much better.

An ergonomic design with heat and friction-reducing materials will help your feet stay cool and prevent unnecessary aches. The anti-compression deformation feature will resist abrasion while resisting compression of the insole for better balance.

VKTRY Silver Sports Unisex Cleat Insoles

The high shock absorption feature of the insoles will provide you with much better stability and improved balance. This means you will have a much smoother running capability while it helps to prevent rapid fatigue and muscle ache.

While these insoles are suitable for injury prevention, they also help you to recover faster from the feet and ankle injuries. The carbon fiber arch protection of these insoles will help reduce pain while keeping you comfortable.

Masterfit Shoe Insoles

Balance and stability are improved with the ergonomic support shell built into these insoles from Materfit. This will also help keep your feet comfortable while keeping them dry when you wear your shoes.

Auto-adapt technology comes with these insoles, so it can personalize the shape to fit your feet and heel comfortably. The Poron cushion heel will also help to absorb most of the harsh impact on the sensitive parts of your feet and heel.

EASYFEET Flame Boost Cleat Insoles

These insoles are designed to be used with high-impact sports activities such as soccer and other sports. They are flexible with substantial arch support to improve the overall motion control and better balance.

High-quality foot comfort is also provided with breathable fabric to help keep the foot dry at all times. This will also provide much better odor control and increase the comfort levels of your feet.

VSUDO Athletic Cleat Insoles

The insoles' multilayer fabric design will help improve the insole performance and make it much more durable. Ortholite foam is thickened to improve the elasticity of the insole and increase overall comfort and movement control.

A deep heel cup will also enhance heel support and prevent heel ache and fatigue at the same time. It also provides good arch support for flat feet and helps to relieve pain while it keeps your feet comfortable for a long time.

Caomaer Cleat Insoles

If you need an insole that is designed especially for high-impact activities, look no further than these from Caomaer. The overall lightweight design also helps prevent muscle fatigue while providing ample support and comfort.

The flexibility you get with these insoles will help to increase balance and motion control while you wear them in your shoes. The porous fabric makes the insole breathable to help keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

New Balance Sports High Impact Insole

Forefoot cushioning provides a bounce underfoot effect which helps to absorb shock and create better energy return. This helps to increase the overall comfort level of your feet and prevent muscle aches when using them.

The sculpted heel cups will help cradle the heels and add extra support to improve the overall comfort and balance. The orthotic insoles provide a moisture-wicking feature that helps to keep your feet dry and prevent fatigue and foot ache.

Wrap Up

Spending a lot of time on the field may cause aches and pains and you want to prevent this. One can do this by using the correct insoles to help with your specific needs and pains.

Preventative measures would be the best action, so use the right insert even if you did not yet experience any aches.

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