5 Best Soccer Bags

Published date: October 28, 2019

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The best soccer bags are specially designed bags that can store all of your most crucial equipment for soccer practice and games. With a special pouch for your ball, plenty of space for your cleats, and more, they’re very convenient.

In order to help you find one for yourself, we did the hard work and narrowed down the options for you. All of the bags on this list have unbelievable features that will make being prepared before the big game much more straightforward.

Comparison Chart

Athletico Youth Soccer Bag

ERANT Soccer Bag

Diadora Squadra II Backpack

Trailkicker Soccer Backpack

LISH Soccer Backpack

5 Best Soccer Bags

1. Athletico Youth Soccer Bag

What makes this soccer bag unique is that it’s versatile for numerous sports. Not only is there more than enough storage for soccer gear, but you can also use this for football, volleyball, and basketball practice.

This bag comes with a separate compartment for your ball and your cleats. With this, you’ll be able to keep all of your most essential items with you.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Athletico Youth Soccer Bag include:

  • Vented Ball Compartment

At the front of the bag, you’ll notice there is a special compartment that is large enough for many types of balls. You can store a soccer ball, volleyball, football, or basketball. It is also designed with mesh to help aerate the compartment if your equipment gets wet.

  • Cleat Compartment

Just below the vented ball compartment, there is a separate pocket for you to store your cleats. It has similar vents, which allows enough airflow to prevent the build-up of bacteria that would typically make your athletic bag stink.

  • Ergonomic Design

A couple of extra features you’ll want to pay attention to are those that make the bag more comfortable to carry. There are two fully padded and adjustable straps on this bag, which means that it fits perfectly on your back.

You’d also be thrilled to know that this bag is made primarily out of nylon and polyester. As such, it is lightweight enough not to strain your shoulders as you carry it for long periods.

  • Accessories Organizer

Apart from your cleats and ball, it’s likely that you have other items that you bring with you to practice. Luckily, the Athletico Youth Soccer Bag has a seven-pocket organizer for all of your accessories. This can be found inside of the largest pocket.

  • Water Bottle Pockets

Undoubtedly, you will also appreciate the dual water bottle pockets on either side of the backpack. These pockets allow you to carry your beverages without having them mixed in with your other stuff.

What to Like About It

The overall size of the Athletico Youth Soccer Bag is its most notable feature. This bag can hold cleats, your ball, lunch, and even an extra pair of clothing. You’ll appreciate the practical design of the bag as well, which makes it easier to access all of your items. What’s more, all of the accessories pockets have zippers for added security.

What Not to Like About It

Depending on the size of your shoes, you might find that the cleat pocket isn’t large enough. Many basketball players who use high-top shoes will have to fold the tops of their shoes down to fit into the vented pouch.

One other issue you might experience when using this bag is how you pack it. With this bag, you will have to put the ball in first in order to fit everything else.


  • Can hold plenty of items
  • Has a practical design
  • Accessories pockets have zippers
  • Available in different colors


  • Cleat pocket may be too small
  • The ball must be packed first
  • Not recommended for high-top shoes

2. ERANT Soccer Bag

The ERANT Soccer Bag has a very similar design to most other soccer bags. It has a pouch for your water bottles, a compartment for sports equipment, and a separate pocket for your cleats. With a traditional backpack-style design, it’s versatile enough to use as a new school backpack.

Product Highlights

The main features of the ERANT Soccer Bag include:

  • Large Ball Compartment

When storing your soccer ball in the bag, there should be more than enough room. Thankfully, on average, balls that are up to size five will fit perfectly in the compartment of this bag.

  • Separate Cleats Pocket

Storing your cleats or other sports shoes has never been easier with this bag, especially because of the fact that it comes equipped with different pockets. It is designed to fit shoes up to size 12, which should make them large enough for basketball shoes, soccer shoes, and more.

  • Personal Item Compartment

It can be frustrating to store your valuables in your bag only for them to get damaged from moisture. This soccer bag features a specialized personal item compartment that is not only secure but also water-resistant to keep your belongings safe.

  • Durable Design

There are a few critical features that have been improved in this bag. The fabric is upgraded to a high-density polyester, which helps to prevent rips and tears. The straps are also reinforced so that the bag feels stronger and secured when worn.

  • Padded Straps

As an extra benefit, the straps on this backpack have special padding. The padding will take on most of the weight of whatever is being carried. This point is one of the best features for kids to protect their back and shoulders.

What to Like About It

When you open the ERANT Soccer Bag, you’ll immediately see how much room it has. You can easily store your cleats and ball inside, as well as shin guards and an extra change of clothes. There is also ventilation on the back of the bag and straps for a reasonable amount of airflow.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant issue you might encounter with this soccer bag is the poor quality of its zippers. With regular use, the zippers may tear away from the backpack or refuse to be zipped and unzipped.

In addition, we also found the thinness of the material was a cause for concern, especially if it begins to rain. Because of the material, the bag likely won’t repel water.


  • Offers lots of storage space
  • Equipped with padded straps
  • Plenty of ventilation


  • Backpack material is thin
  • Likely won’t repel water
  • Zippers are poorly made

3. Diadora Squadra II Backpack

As one of the most notable name brands in the soccer world, Diadora has a competitive soccer bag that you’ll be interested in having. With high-quality and prestigious features, it has plenty to offer compared to lower-quality bags on the market.

Product Highlights

The most interesting characteristics of the Diadora Squadra II Backpack include:

  • Large Storage Compartment

The main compartment on this backpack is quite large and offers plenty of extra space for additional accessories. There is a media pocket where you can keep your phone or MP3 player, as well as other valuables. Near the media pocket, you’ll find an earphone pass-through so that you can listen to your pump-up music before the big game.

  • Vented Ball Pocket and Cleats Pocket

On the front of the backpack, you’ll notice the ball pocket, which is easily accessible and allows for the ideal amount of airflow. This feature will help to prevent the bag from stinking due to bacteria and moisture. In addition to a ball compartment, your cleats will have a separate vented pocket, as well.

  • Anatomical Padding

When you wear the backpack for the first time, you’ll quickly realize that it is far more comfortable than lower quality soccer bags. The superior comfort is because the Diadora Squadra II Backpack has anatomically correct padding. It is inside the shoulder straps for added protection and comfort.

  • Water-Resistant

Although this soccer bag isn’t waterproof, it does have a specialized PVC coating on the inside that makes it water-resistant. However, if you know inclement weather is incoming, it’s always safest to leave your valuables at home.

What to Like About It

There is plenty of space in this bag for you to store all of your essential soccer gear. Your kids will also love how comfortable the bag is to carry, especially with the ergonomically designed straps. Upon inspection, this bag has fantastic workmanship and high-quality stitching that is likely to last several seasons.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, there isn’t an assortment of accessories pockets for you to put to good use in this bag. This problem can make it challenging to keep yourself organized, especially if you typically carry a lot of small items with you.

Also, the media pocket is perfectly sized for small electronics but certainly not for laptop computers or larger devices.


  • Plenty of open storage
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Ergonomic straps
  • High-quality workmanship


  • Not thoroughly organized
  • Media pocket is small

4. Trailkicker Soccer Backpack

As a multi-use backpack, the Trailkicker soccer bag is one of the most versatile soccer bags we have seen. Designed to fit all of your sports equipment, as well as a laptop and other belongings, it can easily become your most used bag.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Trailkicker Soccer Backpack include:

  • Water-Resistant Material

The primary material used to make this soccer bag is polyester, which is known to be highly water-resistant. There is an outer shell on the back that helps to repel water, and the bottom of the back also has a water-resistant lining.

  • Large Opening

The main compartment of this bag opens all the way, providing a large enough opening to store your more significant belongings. Students will be able to fit textbooks, an extra pair of clothes, lunch boxes, and more. You’ll also find the large opening makes it easier to access your items.

  • Hidden Ball Compartment

At the bottom of the backpack, you’ll notice that there is a hidden compartment designed to fit all types of sports balls, including a soccer ball or a basketball. You can also use this pocket to store your dirty clothes or cleats. It’s one of the best ways to keep your sports equipment separate from your electronics.

  • Laptop Compartment

As an innovative feature that the other soccer bags on this list don’t have, there is a laptop compartment in this bag. Designed to fit computers as large as 17 inches, you can keep your electronics protected in a dedicated pocket with a soft interior lining.

  • Water Bottle Pockets

On either side of the bag, there are elastic mesh side pockets. These are designed to fit water bottles as large as 40 ounces.

  • Multiple Pockets

In addition to the ball pocket, laptop compartment, and main compartment, there are other storage options as well. With added side, top, and front pockets, you’ll have more than enough space for all of your essentials.

What to Like About It

Our favorite feature of this bag is that it comes with a hidden shoe bag you can attach to the backpack or use separately. It is located at the bottom and can be removed and connected with the help of Velcro straps.

The overall size of the Trailkicker Soccer Backpack is impressive as well, especially with its added laptop compartment.

What Not to Like About It

The main concern to have with this soccer bag is the zipper pulls, which may come undone after a couple of uses. Also, as it’s a relatively bulky bag with plenty of storage, it can be easy to add too many items that will make the bag too heavy. Compared to other soccer bags, there is less padding on the shoulder straps of this bag, as well.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Separate shoe bag
  • Laptop compartment
  • Perfect amount of organization


  • Could be too bulky
  • Straps are minimally padded

5. LISH Soccer Backpack

The LISH Soccer Backpack has the same traditional style that you would expect from regular soccer bags, but it comes with a couple of additional features. With a dedicated compartment for your ball and other equipment, it’s a reliable bag to have for practice and games. Its impressive durability rating is important to make a note of, as well.

Product Highlights

The main features of the LISH Soccer Backpack include:

  • Dedicated Ball Compartment

You’ll immediately notice the compartment for your ball at the front of the bag, as it has a transparent window. This pocket will carry a standard size soccer ball with a little bit of extra space. Overall, it’s a convenient and secure place to store your ball or shoes.

  • Large Interior Compartment

The main pocket is quite spacious, as it’s designed to hold extra gear and any notebooks. You’ll also find there is a ventilated side pocket beside the interior compartment. This pocket separates your sweaty gear from anything you have inside of the bag.

  • Plenty of Storage

There are plenty of other pockets inside and outside the bag for you to put to good use. The smaller pockets are ideal for storing valuables, keys, or even headphones.

  • High-Quality Materials

The primary material used to make this bag is nylon. Specifically, it’s 600-denier nylon, which is known for its extreme durability. The thickness of the material is also perfect in preventing scrapes and tears in the bag.

  • Ergonomic Fit

The shoulder straps are easy to adjust and are specially curved to be anatomically correct. You’ll find this is one of the more comfortable soccer bags to carry, especially with the help of the extra back padding.

What to Like About It

The LISH Soccer Backpack is incredibly easy to keep clean after practices and games, as the nylon can be wiped with a cloth and warm water. Many have found that the ball compartment is also highly recommended for footballs and basketballs, as there’s more than enough room.

Compared to other soccer bags, this one has everything an adult bag should have but is still the perfect size for kids.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, the LISH Soccer Backpack doesn’t have a separate pocket for your ball and cleats like the other bags we’ve mentioned. You’ll have to store your shoes in the main compartment. The side pockets may also become a concern, as they can easily tear with regular use.


  • Easy to keep clean
  • Good size ball compartment
  • Has plenty of great features
  • Comfortable for kids


  • Doesn’t have a separate cleats pocket
  • Side pockets are poorly made
  • Likely to tear over time

Buyer’s Guide

Your soccer bag will become your most used piece of equipment, aside from your uniform and cleats. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the perfect bag that will withstand a beating over time. It’s also essential to choose a bag that has plenty of storage for all of your belongings.

Not sure which soccer bag to buy? With the help of this buyer’s guide, you’ll be well on your way to knowing what to look for while shopping for a soccer bag.


The very first thing to keep an eye out for is the size of the bag you want. A soccer bag that’s too small won’t hold everything you need, and one that is too large will be encumbering. The best option is to opt for a soccer bag that comes with plenty of pockets that you can choose to use or not.

You’ll want a compartment for your soccer ball, but it’s equally important to have separate storage for your cleats. Otherwise, you’ll be putting your dirty shoes in the same compartment as an extra pair of clothes or your schoolbooks. It’s also important there are water bottle pockets and a valuables pocket for storing your phone and tablet.


The shape of your soccer bag might not seem to be crucial at first, but it has a lot to do with how comfortable it will be to carry. Be sure to spend extra time looking for an ergonomically designed backpack, as it will be the best for kids.

Some of the higher-quality soccer bags are anatomically correct, which means that they will fit onto your back without being too much of a burden.

Before settling on a specific bag, you will want to try it on with your equipment inside. If you find that the bag is too hefty or too large, it’s better to opt for a smaller size. This part is especially important for children, as their shoulders and back are susceptible to damage and pain.


There are plenty of soccer bags that claim to have the highest quality materials on the market when, in reality, they’re rather poorly made. There are a few essential things to make a note of when it comes to material.

Water-resistance is something you’d need to consider when buying a soccer bag. Ideally, you’ll want a soccer bag that has a lining made of nylon, as it offers the best water resilience.

The exterior material of your backpack should be resistant to wear and tear, especially as your soccer bag will be on the ground more than on your back. You won’t want to invest in a sports bag that will fall apart before the season is over. A sturdy material, such as polyester, is a fantastic choice and is typically used in the more prestigious soccer bags.


Specific colors for your backpack don’t have anything to do with durability or resilience. If you’re searching for accessories that work with your uniform, you’ll want to choose coordinating colors. However, manufacturers typically have two to three varieties to choose between.

If you can’t find your team’s colors from a bag manufacturer that you’re interested in, you can always opt for black. Black won’t show as much dirt, and it is far more color-safe than other hues.


Compared to other types of soccer equipment, your bag won’t be nearly as large of an investment. With that said, you shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a luxurious bag. After all, it’s only going to see a lot of wear and tear.

Every time you insert your ball or your cleats, your bag will get stretched and dirty. You’re far better off deciding on a median price, such as $40 to $50, as this will give you quality without breaking the bank. It’s also crucial that you don’t choose the cheapest option, as the bag could have shoddy materials.


The durability of your bag is one of the most important factors to consider. Choose a soccer bag that is made from high-quality polyester and nylon fabric. You’ll also want to choose a bag with resilient zippers that aren’t prone to getting stuck or breaking.

Without these features, you’ll find that you’ll shove your soccer bag into the back of your closet before getting a chance to really break it in. Pay close attention to the artistry and ensure the stitching is going to withstand plenty of seasons of use.


1. How to wash a soccer bag?

Learning how to wash a soccer bag is simpler than you’d think, especially as most are made with materials that are easy to maintain. Most soccer bags will come with their own washing instructions, but you can typically use a mild detergent and warm water to get your bag cleaned.

Another alternative is to use antibacterial wipes after your game to get rid of any dirt and bacteria. After cleaning, make sure you give the bag more than enough time to air dry before putting your belongings back inside.

2. How to keep a soccer bag from smelling?

The number one way to keep your soccer bag from smelling is to make sure you maintain it regularly. This means cleaning it after every practice and game to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria. You will also want to give the bag more than enough time to dry if it gets wet.

Soccer players may want to consider adding in dryer sheets to help keep the bag smelling fresh and clean during the week. Though, you’ll likely need to replace the dryer sheets regularly.

3. What do soccer players carry in their bags?

There are plenty of things that soccer players carry in their bags. As you get more experience playing, you’ll find you’ll want to have particular items on hand. Some of the most common things you’d find in a soccer player’s bag include:

  • Cleats with extra laces
  • Field player gloves
  • Soccer beanie
  • Soccer ball
  • Soccer socks
  • Wraps and guards
  • Headgear
  • Snacks
  • Headphones
  • Water bottle
  • Energizing chews

4. What is a soccer bag?

Soccer bags are similar to backpacks in that they store plenty of items that you need before, during, and after soccer practice or a game. However, they are also unique, as they feature specific compartments for sports equipment.

Designed originally for soccer, these bags are also a favorite option for basketball players, volleyball players, and football players.

5. What is the best soccer bag?

Choosing one among a sea of the best soccer bags will depend on what you find is most useful for you. Some players prefer to have a separate ball and cleat compartment, while others need a more substantial main compartment for equipment.

Overall, you’ll want to choose a soccer bag that is made from durable materials and is equipped with plenty of storage. It is also imperative that it will last multiple seasons.

Our Final Recommendation

For us, the best soccer bag is the Trailkicker Soccer Backpack. Why? Compared to the others, this has the most versatile storage and is likely to be the most water-resistant.

With a removable shoe bag, you can choose to store your cleats outside of the main compartment. Maintaining this soccer bag over time is simple as well, as you can easily clean it by hand.