Best Soccer Ball for Kids

Best Soccer Balls for Kids

Published date: May 27, 2019

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports young kids start learning within their physical education classes at school. For parents with a child who dives deep into the sport, you may be looking for a high-quality soccer ball to keep at home for them to practice.

There is a lot of great action there, so we're going to take a look at some of the best soccer balls for kids to help some of those parents narrow down their options. Let's get right to it, shall we?

How To Choose the Best Soccer Ball for Kids

Before getting into the in-depth reviews of the soccer balls, it's essential to understand what to look at when deciding which is the best soccer ball for any kid.

Here are some of the features to pay attention to:


There is a wide range of sizes of soccer balls that one must pay attention to. When it comes to a professional, the standard soccer ball size is 5. But there are two other sizes to choose from. If the child is eight years or under, then your soccer ball should be a size 3. For any child 12 and up, a youth size 4 might be a good option.


Most soccer balls will use a synthetic material as the cover construction. Typically this is either a PU or a PVC material. It depends on the quality of the ball as these high-quality materials will make them more durable.


There are many different layers of lining between the cover construction and the bladder. This helps improve durability, so when looking at a soccer ball for a kid, you want to find one that has the right level.


Soccer balls are designed with two types of bladders. The first is a latex bladder which improves the ball's bounce and makes it softer. The other option is a butyl bladder. This type of bladder is superior when it comes to retaining air.


No matter the type of soccer ball, you need to make sure that the chosen ball meets the standards. Of course, if the ball is simply for practice, this may not matter, but having the approval of the three main foundations will mean that they meet industry standards and are most likely more durable. The three most approvals are NFHS, FIFA, and MS.

Comparison Chart

Western Star Official Match Game Ball︱Official Size and Weight Boys and Girls Training 

CubicFun Soccer Ball Size 3 for Kids with Pump Mesh Bag Toys  

Champhox Children Sports Ball Cartoon Design (Unicorn, Size 3)

adidas Unisex-Adult Starlancer Club Soccer Ball, White/Shock Pink, 3

STEEFAN Soccer Ball Size 3/4/5 for Kids Outdoor Play,Color Change Soccer Stuff Official Size Ball 

Soccer Ball For Kids Reviews

Western Star Soccer Ball

In order to perfect their soccer skills, a kid needs a good ball, and this high-quality ball from Western Star is a good option. 


Kids are harder on their sports equipment than adults, so making sure that the ball they play with is durable is critical. This ball uses a butyl bladder which offers better air retention. It is also crafted using a 4-ply constriction and a 32-panel outer panel. The ball itself is designed using bright colors and a cute design. These design features make it a great option that will lend itself to a beautiful game or simple practice.

Regular soccer balls may be standard, but having a ball with some character like this can change the game. In fact, the color choices can help a kid see the ball better than the traditional soccer ball and its black and white pattern. The materials used are of the highest quality, which means a more durable ball. That, coupled with the fact the ball comes with a ball pump, means that one will be getting a lot of value when investing in this ball. 

That being said, there are still a few things that could cause some to reconsider making this soccer ball their choice. Though it does use a butyl bladder, some have found that it is not as good as others. Also, if the player is rough and plays consistently, this may not be the ideal ball because there are some questions about the quality of the stitching. 


  • Created using bright colors for better visibility
  • Price vs. value is optimal
  • The ball comes with a ball pump
  • Crafted with high-quality materials, making it one of the more durable balls


  • Some issues with air last once inflated
  • Issues with the durability of the stitching

CubicFun Soccer Ball

There are a lot of premium balls that just don't have the aesthetic to them. This ball is crafted with a cute design and features that make it an excellent choice for any youth player. 


The soccer ball uses an industry-standard butyl rubber bladder to help maintain its shape. When it comes to the ball's exterior, it is a machine-stitched model that uses synthetic to help give it a softer feel and bounce. In combination with this, the designers used a 32-panel traditional soccer ball design for better control. The designers also utilized eye-catching colors and fun designs to make it more engaging.

Any parent looking for a good ball for training, especially when dealing with an extremely young child, should definitely take a look at this ball. It is crafted with a latex cover which helps with the softness of feel and the ball's bounce. Though they may not have the reflexes or the skills to shine, this ball may help because it is crafted with the traditional soccer ball design of a 32-panel layout, which helps improve control. This is a great soccer ball option, especially with the durable outer material and the aesthetically pleasing design.

But there are still some drawbacks that need to be addressed before any final decision has been made. It comes with a pump, which is always lovely; however, the quality of the pump is poor. Many have found that there is a strong chemical smell on the ball for quite a while after removing it from the packaging.


  • Crafted with a latex cover to improve softness and bounce
  • Designed with a 32-panel layout for better control
  • Bright colors are very aesthetically pleasing to kids
  • Finished with a durable outer material


  • Some have found that the ball has a strong chemical smell
  • The pump included is subpar quality

Champhox Kids Soccer Ball

One of the ways to get kids engaged in activities is to make the gear or tools engaging. Of course, this often means adding cute characters, which is why this ball is one of the best options, especially for kids looking to begin learning how to play soccer. 


Before looking at any pros and cons, you should look at the overall design of the ball itself. This ball from Champhox Kids is crafted with high-quality machine stitching and a very unique design. It comes in several different designs and sizes so that whatever the child's age, there is one that will be appealing to them.

The smallest is designed to be an attractive option for kids. Because of this, it utilizes a fun design and great colors. For parents looking to invest in this ball, it comes with a pump that makes inflating the ball that much easier. Durability is another feature of this ball, as it is crafted with high-quality materials. The choice to use bright colors also makes it more visible on the field, which will only serve to heighten the player's soccer skills.

The materials used are super durable and will stand the test of time, but some have found that the stitching is not so durable. That means that you may find that they come loose after very minimal use. Although it is available in size 3, it is definitely not regulation size. In fact, many feel that when compared to other balls, it is more like a size 2.


  • Crafted with a fine design, especially as a ball for children
  • Comes with a pump and needle for easier inflation
  • An excellent choice for kids due to its high-quality material
  • Designed utilizing eye-catching colors


  • Some issues with the stitching coming loose after minimal use
  • May have a sizing issue (not regulation size 3)

Adidas Starlancer V 

There are so many different types of Adidas balls available to kids looking for a ball for training. But when looking for a smaller child, the best choice is the Adidas Starlancer V.


When it comes to brands in sports, they are few that rival Adidas. So it makes sense that one of the best balls to kick around the soccer field comes from this brand. The ball is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and is machine stitched for improved ability. In order to retain the air put into it, the designers opted to use a butyl bladder. 

No matter what age range of youth players, you want to make sure that everything is of the highest quality. This ball from Adidas is manufactured using excellent materials and is quite stunning. This makes it easier to see on the field and more durable and long-lasting for intense play.

Unfortunately, the ball comes deflated, which could leave creases on the surface and could affect ball control among a wealth of other soccer skills. Though the plastic is high quality, the material does affect the touch a bit and may only be acceptable for some players.


  • Manufactured with materials for improved usability
  • Utilizes vibrant colors and brush strokes for more visibility on the field
  • Uses advanced material that does not peel
  • Designed to handle even the most aggressive youth player


  • Material may feel a little plastic to some players
  • The ball comes deflated, which may cause creases

STEEFAN Outdoor/Indoor Soccer Ball

Sometimes you want to find a unique feature that makes something stand out to entice your child to get into new activities. This soccer ball was crafted with the ability to change color, which could be just the special feature one needs to get that engagement.


Though this might look like a standard soccer ball in the design layout, it has one of those unique features we mentioned in the intro. When exposed to ultraviolet light, the white portions of this ball are designed to change colors. That does not affect the actual abilities of the ball. It is a fun addition. It is crafted with a butyl bladder and finished with high-quality polyurethane materials when it comes to that.

Parents are always looking for value when it comes to investing their hard-earned money. As a bonus, this ball that comes with a pump is a significant touch. This allows for easier maintenance, as well as transport. The ball comes in different colors, which allows them to be more customized and personalized for the child. Many parents love that the ball comes deflated, making it easier to give as a gift.

There is a lot that many say about this ball when it comes to being high-quality. However, the bladder is not one of the features that many people feel is up to the quality of the rest of the ball. In fact, many have had issues with the ball being able to retain air. Along with this, you may get a size 3 and end up with a bigger ball than you expected. Many have stated that the ball still feels like a standard-sized ball which could be troubling for a parent buying it for a younger child.


  • Comes with a pump and a bag for improved transport
  • The ball arrives deflated for easier gift-giving
  • Available in several different colors
  • Unique design with color-changing capabilities


  • The bladder doesn't retain air as well as other models
  • Some have found that it is more of a standard size soccer ball than a youth size

Final Thoughts

Choosing a soccer ball for a kid needs to be carefully researched. It isn't always the most expensive ball that is the right choice. After all, they will be hard on the ball, and the last thing parents want to do is replace a ball every few months.

We have looked at some of the best balls for children above and what the decision-making process is for any parents out there looking for a high-quality ball.