Best Soccer Cleats for Kids

Best Soccer Cleats for Kids

Published date: May 27, 2019

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When your kids want to practice a sport, gathering all the necessary gear can be a real undertaking. In soccer, the most delicate of all the gear are the cleats. The design and comfort of the cleats can make a difference between a horrible and a perfect game.

Also, great cleats are better in preventing injuries in kids, which is also your major concern. In this article, we will look at some of the best soccer cleats for kids to help you chose based on your preferences and budget.

Comparison Chart

VITIKE Kids Soccer Cleats

adidas Unisex Nemeziz Cleats

Nike Junior Phantom Soccer Cleats

Vizari Unisex-Kids Stealth Soccer-Shoes

Diadora Kid’s Cattura MD JR Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleats for Kids Reviews

VITIKE Soccer Cleats

The VITIKE soccer cleats are a good option if you are buying them for a growing kid. They possess style and features of most modern boots so your young soccer player won’t miss out on anything.


The best part is that when the kid eventually outgrows them and you need to replace them, you won’t pull your hair out due to the money you’ve spent; they are cheaper than most boots. The boots’ design resembles the highly popular NIKE Mercurial Superfly 6, but they are 5 to 9 times cheaper.

If your kid is not a fan of tying their laces, the slip-on design will make their life easier. With the high-top sock fixing their ankle and foot, they’ll sense an improved ball control. Add to this a stylish rib texture that makes the ball feel like its sticking to the boot while they dribble, and you’ll understand why the kids enjoy it.

You will notice that the upper part of the cleat consists of rubber material and a mesh that keeps the inside of the boot aerated. The bottom part is made with a synthetic sole with plastic studs, ideal for any condition. Whether the grass is wet and slippery, dry, or artificial, your kid will be able to maintain their agility and turn with the ball.

At the back part of the sole, there are two V-shaped studs and protective heels to keep the foot solid. The boots will prevent the kid from slipping while playing on an unfavorable surface, so you don’t have to worry too much about unfortunate injuries.

On the downside, the material is less durable than what you’d get with some more expensive and renowned manufacturers. It may start to peel off after some time and probably won’t last as much. That’s why they are ideal for a child that is still growing since you don’t want to waste a lot of money on cleats that will become small after a few months.


  • A modern style resembling much more expensive models
  • Tongueless slip-on design
  • High-top sock to connect lower leg and foot
  • Affordable
  • Meant for all conditions, indoors and outdoors


  • Not durable enough
  • Very narrow mold may be uncomfortable for some

Adidas Kids’ Nemezis 18.3

These cleats come from one of the biggest and most reliable cleat manufacturers in the world, so the pricing may not be convenient. However, the Adidas Nemezis 18.3 can make a difference between the game passing you by and taking the matter into your own hands. With narrow mold and simple visuals, these cleats are for those who do the talking on the pitch.


The high-top sock makes them easy to put on and the boots’ construction lock in your kid’s foot during the whole game. The lock-in sensation is not comfortable for everyone. However, it is necessary if you want to provide inch-perfect passes and precise long shots. The narrow shape adds the swerve and power to your child’s kicks.

Even though the shoes are synthetic, the agility mesh keeps the foot inside dry and relaxed. Also, the lightweight shoe makes it easy to manage the power of kicks and passes.

However, those with a wider foot may prefer a different model. Even if the elastic material can stretch over time, it may be painful and uncomfortable until the shoe adapts to the shape of the foot. If you still want your kid to try out these cleats, you may try to relieve the pressure to the foot by loosening the laces.

Keep in mind that these cleats are not perfect for all conditions. The agility studs are best and most durable if you play with them indoors, preferably on artificial grass or carpet courts. They may be used outdoors, but your child’s performance will be worse. The concrete can wear away the studs, while the wet grass and ground will slow them down and decrease their agility.


  • Lock-in design for precise kicks
  • Easy to put on
  • Agility mesh for better movement and acceleration


  • Too narrow due to lock-in design, some may prefer wider models
  • Recommended for indoor use

Nike Junior Phantom Vision

If you’re looking for mid-tier pricing for a great cleat, you should take a look at the Nike Phantom Vision. They are not too expensive, so even if your kid outgrows them, you still won’t regret the money. With this in mind, they are probably one of the best soccer cleats for kids.


These boots have an interesting design with an adaptable collar that can stretch depending on the shape of the foot. Considering that the shoe is laceless, you will get a phenomenal, slip-on shoe. It locks the foot inside and gives your kid full control of the whole feet’s surface. This provides an impeccable touch and control.

The outside of the shoe is synthetic and solid so your child can kick a ball with as much power as they desire without feeling any pain. Also, you don’t need to worry about them hurting their toes. On the other hand, the inside of the shoe is comfortable and soft, with the purpose of relieving their foot.

With the plate studs, they are good to go regardless of the surface. They can play on grass or solid ground effortlessly. There will be no distinction in ball control, agility, or acceleration.


  • Mid-range price for high-level shoes
  • Laceless design for perfect touch and ball control
  • Plate studs


  • Very specific mold doesn’t adapt well to wider feet

Vizari Stealth FG

If you believe your kid’s foot will outgrow any boot you buy them in a matter of months, the Vizari Stealth is the best thing you can get.


You can find these cleats at a price 7-8 times lower than that of high-end models and you won’t miss out on any of the essentials. It has a classic soccer cleat design, with a low cut and a slight bend at the shaft making it easier to keep balance while running or turning with the ball.

The padding around the heel and the back of the shoe make it maintain its fixed shape after a long time. This means that the boot will not change in size or stretch after a few soccer sessions. It also comes in many different colors so the kid can customize their sports appearance the way they love.

It also has an anti-stretch material that will prevent the shoe from losing its grip. On the other hand, this means that if the boot doesn’t fit at the beginning, it will hardly fit later on, so make sure to get an adequate size. This won’t be a problem as the mold is wider, so even if you worry that the cleat might be too tight, it probably won’t.

Your kid should use the cleats primarily on an outdoor surface.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Available in different colors
  • Anti-stretch material and padded heels maintain the durability


  • The wider mold is not ideal for perfect ball control

Diadora Kids’ Cattura MD

If your child is still at toddler age, the comfort of the feet is much more important than the cleats’ grip. Diadora’s designers had this in mind when they created this cleat.


The Diadora Kids’ Cattura are cleats that make your toddlers enjoy walking and kicking soccer balls, and at the same time, allow you not to worry about their comfort.

These Diadora Kids cleats have a comfortable shape with the upper part of the cleat lifted a little bit so it doesn’t pressure your kid’s foot. The strong synthetic material will at the same time add power to the kicks but won’t keep the feet in a tight grip.

The studs are thick and symmetric, so your toddler won’t find it difficult to walk, especially if they are still in the early walking phases. You can pick between various different models, all available at a good price.

If you want your toddler to enjoy his or her first soccer steps without spending a lot of money on some more expensive models, this is a perfect choice.


  • Wide mold great for toddlers
  • Thick studs for excellent balance
  • Affordable


  • Lack of aeration may make the foot sweaty


When you want the best soccer cleats for kids, you are facing a challenging task. Do you want a high-end model that your child may outgrow quickly, or will you settle for a budget version that may not be of such high quality?

You should think twice since the prices can vary a lot. If you want a short-term option, then the Diadora Cattura MD or the VITIKE soccer cleats can do the trick. If you’re looking for something more serious, the Adidas Nemezis 18.3 may be your pick. If you’re on a restricted budget and want something in-between, the Nike Phantom Vision will probably do the trick.

In the end, the kid only wants to have fun and play. It’s up to you to make that possible with the right choice of soccer cleats.