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Best Soccer Goalie Gloves – Complete Reviews With Comparison

Published date: October 13, 2021

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If you play soccer and are a goalie, then it goes without saying that you’re going to need a reliable pair of goalie gloves to wear during your matches. The goalie is one of the most important positions on the field, so it’s important that you’re wearing good equipment.

Of course, with literally thousands of goalie gloves to choose from, finding one that works well for you - let alone one that’s good - can be a real challenge. So, we’ve collected some of the best goalie gloves on the market and we’re going to review them here. Read on for more information about the best soccer goalie gloves available for you.

Comparison Chart

Youth&Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves Goalkeeper Gloves with Fingersave

FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves with Fingersaves

Youth & Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

Sportout Kids Goalkeeper Gloves

Soccer Goalie Gloves Reviews

Sportout Youth & Adult Goalkeeper Gloves

First up are these goalkeeper gloves from Sportout, which are some of the most affordable goalie gloves on the market. They come in red and black colors with the signature Sportout design on both that makes them stand out from the crowd.


These Sportout goalkeeper gloves come with wear-resistant latex palms that provide you with fantastically strong control and grip when you are handling the ball. What’s more, the unique positive cut design provides you with great ball contact that helps you make some of the toughest saves in play. If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will give you total control over the ball, Sportout has you covered.

The great thing about these goalkeeping gloves is that they come with a double-designed wristband with an inner lining layer that is elastic, while the outer is made using a close-fitting Velcro bandage and stretch strap. This means that they are able to contract your wrist muscles much better to offer your more secure protection to reduce your risk of spraining your wrists - an injury that can put you out of play for weeks.

They have included a new and improved Backbone finger save system that helps you protect your hands from the hyperextended finger injuries that are common during matches and practice sessions. Additionally, the wonderfully thick padded latex foam offers your palms more cushioning and protection to make sure that they don’t become sore after your games.

Since these gloves are made from the high-quality composite materials latex and EVA, they are so strong that they are extremely difficult to split, whether you’re doing your routine training or are in fierce competition. They are super lightweight and comfortable as well. They are suitable for all ages, whether you are a junior trainee in high school or are an adult athlete training to be a professional.

Unfortunately, the Velcro is not super strong, and if you are performing lots of dives, you might find the straps coming undone now and again, which can be frustrating.


  • Wear-resistant latex palms
  • Backbone finger save system
  • Double-designed wristband
  • Very difficult to split


  • Velcro straps might come undone

Malker Goalkeeper Gloves

Next on the list, we have these classic goalkeeper gloves from Malker, which, while they may seem quite simple, are more than capable of getting the job done and doing it well. They come in two colors with the signature Malker design that looks good on any player.


The Malker soccer goalkeeper gloves are made from 12mm natural latex foam, with a practical design that features a larger palm surface. These gloves also come with a larger area of auxiliary buffering, high viscosity, and a good effect for resisting slipperiness. Additionally, the curved design of the gloves improves their stability and makes them much more effective when catching and saving the ball from going in the goal.

These gloves come with finger spines that provide protection for fingers and are embedded and sewed into the finger parts of the gloves. This helps them protect your fingers from being injured during your training sessions or during your high-intensity matches. You can never have too much padding on a pair of goalkeeper gloves.

These goalkeeping gloves come with a double wristband design featuring woven elastic bands in the inner layer. The outer layer comes with a protective band that can be freely resized through the velcro and fits tightly to the inner layer so that the gloves don't fall off your hands while you are playing. Despite this, the gloves are still flexible enough to allow your hands to move freely while also reducing your risk of strain and spraining.

Breathable mesh fabric is used for the finger seams to prevent sweating, keeping your hands cool and comfortable throughout the duration of your matches and training sessions. This will keep your hands free of sweat and ensure that you always have a good grip on the ball when it comes your way.

The great thing about these gloves is that Malker allows you to return them or replace them and get a refund, no questions asked, if you are unsatisfied with the gloves. The one gripe we have with these gloves is that the velcro strap is quite fragile and tends to come undone during intense play.


  • Larger palm surface
  • Improved stability
  • Protects from injuries
  • Highly flexible with great movement


  • Velcro could be stronger

FitsT4 Sports Goalkeeper Gloves

If you're looking to be the most stylish and sophisticated player on the field, then look no further than these goalkeeper gloves from FitsT4 Sports. They come in two sleek designs that are simple while still being eye-catching.


These goalkeeper gloves come with anti-slip and wear-resistant 3mm German latex on top of the 3mm foam used in their body. The sticky farm construction offers maximum impact support and resistance, as well as improved grip to allow you to better control the ball in all weather conditions. What's more, they are very good at supporting the hands.

They come with fingersave support technology that includes four spines. They protect your fingers from bending backward while also maintaining a forward finger formation and allowing your fingers to have total freedom of movement. This helps protect you from hyper-extended finger injuries, which often occur during competitions or rigorous field training.

Like many of the gloves on this list, the FitsT4 goalkeeper gloves come with a double design with an inner layer of protective elastic. Likewise, the outer layer comes with protective straps that can tighten around your wrist muscles to keep them stable and reduce your risk of spreading them. There is an ATM elastic bandage for an additional snug fit that also provides even more risk protection without sacrificing any of your flexibility.

Thanks to their high-quality Dumbex latex, these goalkeeping gloves are so strong that they are very difficult to split no matter how fiercely you are playing. They come with a highly breathable jacquard mesh body to make them more comfortable and cool and prevent your hands from sweating during play. This makes them an excellent choice for any players who play in humid and hot climates.

The positive cut design on these gloves provides you with fantastic ball contact for making those super tough saves during play. They come in a full range of sizes to suit all different hands and are suitable for players just starting out in middle school all the way to those in adult soccer clubs playing local professional matches.

Unfortunately, many buyers found the gloves came in one size too big, so we suggest sizing down before you make your purchase.


  • Anti-slip ensures ball is caught securely
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Breathable jacquard mesh
  • Fingersave support technology


  • May come in one size too large

Brace Master Goalkeeper Gloves

Finally, we have these brightly colored goalkeeping gloves from Brace Master, which are suitable for both youth and adult players. They come in a range of seven shocking colors that are sure to make you stand out on the field.


These goalkeeping gloves come with a double-designed wristband with an inner layer of knitted elastic. The outer layer is uniquely made of wound bandages. This allows the gloves to contract to your wrist muscles better to protect your wrist joints while playing. They come in black, red, white, blue, yellow, orange, and purple.

The sticky foam construction of these gloves offers a fantastic level of impact support when you're catching the ball. This provide you with additional grip to make sure that you can control the ball exactly how you want to in any weather conditions. The unique design makes for some fantastic ball contact during play.

At the back of the hand is fingersave technology. This will help protect your fingers and palm from spraining caused by excessive extraversion. The extremely thick padded latex foam offers supremely comfortable cushioning that makes these gloves great for diving saves. The great thing about these gloves is that they are suitable to be worn by both young players and adult players alike. You can buy them for yourself or as a gift to the young soccer enthusiast in your life.

The one problem that these gloves have is that they are a little stiff when you first get them so you are going to have to break them in before they can work as well as they are designed to.


  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Double-designed wristband
  • Protects wrist joints
  • Great cushioning for longer wear


  • Must be broken in before proper use

Sportout Kids’ Goalkeeper Gloves

If you have kids that play soccer, or you know kids that play soccer, and that would love a pair of goalkeeper gloves, then you’ll love the Sportout Kids’ goalkeeper gloves, which are even more affordable than the previous gloves on this list. They come in five different colors, too.


Like the previous Sportout gloves on this list, the kids’ version also comes with a double-designed wristband that features a lining that is made from elastic, while the outer is made from a close-fitting velcro bandage with a stretch strap. These allow the gloves to provide a more secure feeling of protection to reduce the wearer’s risk of spraining their hands. What’s more, the opening of the gloves makes them very easy to slip on and off.

There is embossed non-slip latex foam at the palms that provide more cushioning to the wearer’s hands, making these gloves great for diving and lunging after the ball. The wearer won’t have to worry about injuring their hands when wearing these gloves. What’s more, the mesh design at the palm makes the gloves very breathable so that the hands don’t get all sweaty inside of the gloves.

These are some of the most durable and comfortable kid’s goalie gloves on the market, thanks to the high-quality composite latex and EVA materials that they are made from. They will protect your child’s palms very well so that they can make risky saves without worrying about injuring themselves. The palms also offer more flexibility when catching the ball, which can help boost your child’s skill with saving.

One of the best things about these goalkeeper gloves is that they come in five rich and vibrant colors: blue, green, neon green, pink, and white, so you can choose the color that your child will love the best. Each color also comes with a unique design that will help your kid stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, since the grip on these gloves is made from rubber, they are not the best for playing in any conditions that aren’t completely dry.


  • Available in five colors
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Durable and strong material
  • Sprain protection


  • Not suited for non-dry conditions

Wrapping Up

If you are a goalkeeper for your soccer team, you know just how important it is to have a good pair of gloves on your hands. If you’re on the market for a new pair, be sure to give the above gloves a shot. Our favorite is the Brace Master Goalkeeper Gloves thanks to their joint protection, durable wristband, and proper cushioning.

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