Best Training Soccer Ball of 2019

Best Training Soccer Ball

Published date: May 27, 2019

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The type of training ball is among the key considerations of any soccer training session. The features of a ball define the training concept and quality, and not all training balls are the same. You can’t just pick up any ball and start a rondo drill with kid trainees. Balls are different in size, shape, and intent.

That’s why you should think carefully before making a decision. This article will look at some of the top picks for the best training soccer ball and explain the best way to use them in training.

Comparison Chart

Leo Messi Soccer Ball

Perfect Soccer Coach Ball

Nike Pitch Team Training Soccer Football

SKLZ Golden Touch Soccer Ball

Baden Thermo Soccer Ball

5 Best Training Soccer Balls

Leo Messi Soccer Ball

This ball’s primary function is to immerse your kid in the world of soccer. Enhanced with an adjustable cord, it helps youngsters develop the technique and confidence with the ball. If you are looking for a proper training ball, you should consider this one.


Since it carries the name of the most popular soccer player of today, owning this ball would be a treat for every kid interested in soccer. But it’s not only the name that makes this ball good.

The ball has a TPU coating which makes it durable regardless of the surface. You can play with it on a solid surface without worrying that it will tear after a few kicks. All of the seams have sturdy stitching, which further improves the durability. You can either play with it indoors or take it outside on a solid surface.

Considering the ball is meant for training, it is smaller than a standard soccer ball. Smaller balls improve control and make the kid comfortable with the ball in their feet. That’s why an adjustable cord comes in handy.

With the cord, the ball will always be the focus of the child’s attention. Your kid will enjoy juggling, kicking, and dribbling with the ball while holding the handle. The body placement and feet movement will improve instinctively. This is thanks to the ball moving naturally but still remaining in the radius of the kid’s attention at all times.

As the kids keep kicking and juggling the ball, they will intuitively improve their confidence with the ball. You’ll notice improvements in the weight of the pass, as well as kicking power and accuracy. This type of exercise is also great for cognitive and motor functions, as well as overall health.

The downside of this ball is its size; since it is a practice ball, it is smaller than the standard. It is also more lightweight and playing an actual game with it can seem unnatural. Keep in mind that this is primarily a training ball. So if you want a match ball along with a practice ball, this may not be the best pick.


  • Adjustable handle that makes your kid fully focused on the ball
  • Meant for all surfaces
  • Amazing for practice and soccer baby steps


  • Too small for anything else bar practice

Perfect Soccer Coach Ball

Soccer training with a large group of people can be frustrating, especially if the balls you use for your heavy drills easily rip apart. That’s why you should look for a combination of quantity and quality, which the Perfect Soccer Coach balls offer.


Available in packs of 1, 5, and 10, you can easily get a large number of quality balls at a bargain price. If you purchase 5 or 10 balls, you will also get a ball carrying bag. That is a great addition and will ease moving the bulk of balls from drill to drill during your sessions.

When it comes to coating, the ball uses a combination of PVC and PU. With these materials, the balls should last for many training sessions. The machine stitching is good overall, but there are instances where you may notice minor defects. Thankfully, the balls come with a warranty, so if you notice anything, or the ball starts to rip fairly early, contact customer care and you will get a replacement.

The balls are regular-sized with a standard weight. If you deflate one a little, you can easily use it in your sessions with youngsters. When these balls are deflated, they will be lighter and much easier to kick. Keep in mind that you will have to inflate the balls yourself since they arrive deflated. Overall, this is a great purchase option for larger training groups.


  • Affordable for a bulk of solid quality balls
  • Standard weight and size
  • Good for both youngsters and adults
  • Purchasing 5 or 10 balls gets you a ball bag
  • Easy replacement of defective balls


  • Stitching can be bad sometimes

Nike Pitch Soccer Ball

This one comes at a really low price for a renowned manufacturer such as Nike. You can use it both for games and training sessions in any conditions.


The Nike Pitch Soccer Ball does well at maintaining the quality, shape, and feel of a high-end soccer ball for a reduced price. You will notice a traditional design with sturdy stitching and a TPU coating for steady ball control and precise kicking.

When it comes to color, you can choose between classic black-and-white and fluorescent green and yellow. If you come from a place with unfavorable weather conditions, you should always opt for stronger colors; this way, you will never lose a ball out of sight, even during snow or minor fog.

If you decide to purchase the ball, it will come deflated. Since the weight of this ball is little lighter than standard, you might fall into a trap of overinflating it. If you do, the ball can burst, so be careful when you’re filling it with air. Also, if you don’t like playing with lighter balls, this ball might not be the best pick.


  • Cheap price from a trusted source
  • Maintains good standards despite affordability
  • Comes in different color variations


  • Lighter weight

SKLZ Golden Touch

This smaller size ball with a nice golden design comes at a heftier price than some counterparts. But if you want to provide your youngsters with what might be the best training soccer ball around, the price shouldn’t be a problem.


The SKLZ has all the features of a great training ball. With a smaller size, it focuses on improving precision, dribbling, shooting, and passing techniques. The small circumference of the ball helps youngsters during target practice; they will realize how to cleanly strike the ball.

On the other hand, the SKLZ is far from lightweight, especially considering the size. This ball has a standard weight, which makes it perfect for this kind of training. Kids will understand the proper weight of passing and learn about kicking power with a much smaller ball. This way, they will be completely ready to move on to the next level when they reach a certain age.

The coating is made of a neoprene fabric which many consider one of the most durable materials for a soccer ball. Thanks to it, the ball will not rip or burst even during high-intensity shooting drills. And thanks to the golden color, you can play with it in any conditions and easily keep an eye on it.

Overall, this is a great training ball for youngsters. However, due to its size, it might not be so good for regular soccer games.


  • A small ball with a regular weight
  • Improves control, passing, and shooting
  • Durable neoprene material
  • Ideal training ball for youngsters, but great for adults, too


  • Difficult for playing regular soccer games

Baden Thermo Soccer Ball

If you’re not afraid to splash the cash for a training ball that is equally effective during serious games, you should opt for the Baden Thermo Ball.


The Baden Thermo Ball replaces the traditional stitching technique with modern technology, so the ball is extremely durable. This ball uses thermal bonding to merge the patches and make them difficult to rip apart. This type of surface doesn’t retain water or dirt, so the ball won’t be as slippery. As such, you’ll have an easier job of controlling the ball if it rains or if the grass is wet.

This modern texture will ease the touch and control, making the movement of the ball smooth. You’ll be able to produce some crisp passing and accurate shots thanks to its design. That’s why this ball is equally good for honing your skills in practice and playing regular matches.

However, the ball falls into the pricey group. Getting this one in bulk for a training session can prove to be an expensive feat. If you only intend to play matches with it, then it’s a no-brainer. However, if you need a dozen for group training sessions, you might want to consider getting something cheaper.


  • Thermal-bonding makes the ball weather resistant
  • Amazing texture provides great feeling with the ball
  • Suitable for training and professional use
  • Durable


  • Expensive for a practice ball


When you consider all the options available, you will see that there are many that could qualify for the best training soccer ball. If you just want to master the basics with the youngsters, you may like the Leo Messi ball or the SKLZ. These balls are small and will help kids develop the feeling and ball control.

If you intend to play and practice at the same time, you may want the Nike Pitch or the Perfect Soccer Coach Ball. The latter is especially affordable in bulk and great for both practice and regular matches. The Baden Thermo is a high-end ball with great properties, but it’s probably not for bigger training sessions.

Consider your budget and your trainees, and you should have no trouble deciding.