Best Womens Soccer Cleats

5 Best Women’s Soccer Cleats

Published date: May 27, 2019

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When you start looking for the best women’s soccer cleats, it may come as a surprise that there is no lack of choice. Considering that the sport is still more popular among men, you’d think that the choice of quality soccer cleats will be uneven. Well, that is not the case.

Once you delve into these offers, it won’t be easy finding the ideal pair of shoes. A lot depends on your playing style, foot, and budget. This article will list some of the best women’s soccer cleats along with their distinctive features. Hopefully, the list will bring you closer to the type of shoes you’d enjoy playing in.

Comparison Chart

adidas Performance Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

PUMA Women’s Evospeed 4.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

adidas Performance Women’s X 15.3 FG/AG W Soccer Cleat

Nike Tiempo Mystic IV FG Womens Leather Soccer Cleats

Under Armour Women’s Magnetico Select FG Soccer Shoe

Best Women’s Soccer Cleats Reviews

Adidas Goletto VI

If you are looking for mid-tier cleats with all the necessary features, you should check the Adidas Goletto VI. Since they are affordable and come from a reliable manufacturer, they are a great place to start.


These cleats come with the usual Adidas design and are stylish without being striking. The low-cut construction with standard lacing makes for a tight grip and locks in the foot. If you’re feeling an uncomfortable tightness, you can always loosen the shoelaces to make space for your feet.

When it comes to material, the upper is synthetic and strong. You will be able to kick the ball with power and accuracy while the sturdy material protects your foot. The plastic studs on the outsole will provide you with great balance and stability while playing on dry grass. However, this type of studs may be less effective on a sloppy surface.

While the shoes are lightweight and good looking from the outside, you may not like the inner part of the shoe. The inside lacks cushioning, so the foot may not feel comfortable. Also, these shoes are stiffer than most. Some like to play in stiffer shoes because it adds to the kicking power and the acceleration of the ball. However, if you prefer ball control and increased sensitivity, you may skip these.

Overall, if you’re not sure about the type of shoes that you need, these are good for a start. Even if you think you will not like some of the features, they provide a great foundation to help you realize what type of shoe to consider in the future.


  • Strong upper adds power
  • Tight grip
  • Affordable
  • Great starting cleats


  • No cushioning inside
  • Stiffer than most

Puma Evospeed 4.2

Puma is another reliable cleats manufacturer whose models might grab your attention. With the Puma Evospeed, you’ll get a lightweight shoe that enhances your acceleration and agility on all surfaces. If you prefer beating your opponent with tricks, you will like this pair.


The shoes come in a low-cut design with a turquoise-yellow color combination. The tongue is slightly longer, helping the shoe wrap around your foot perfectly. You can tighten the laces or loosen them for more comfort if the grip is too tight.

In terms of materials, you’ll find a little softer upper and an emphasis on comfort and touch. There is also an enhancement to the heel area, keeping your foot locked and stable.

The shoe is lightweight with a combination of two different studs for maximum agility and traction. Because of this, the shoe is perfect for gaining speed advantage and enhancing your footwork during 1-on-1 situations. You’ll also effortlessly change balance and momentum, even on unfavorable surfaces.

The midsole is comfortable and cushioned with great support. The insole is soft and will make your foot easily fit inside. However, there is a slight lack of aeration inside, so your feet will sweat after longer sessions.

Since the Puma shoes usually come in smaller sizes, it would be best to order half a size or even a size bigger. The mold is narrower, so your standard foot size may be too big for the same-sized Puma shoe.


  • A comfortable inner area with soft cushioning
  • A lightweight shoe with soft upper, ideal for control and dribbling
  • Different combination of studs for better agility
  • Reasonably cheap


  • Narrow shoes, not comfortable for wide feet
  • Lacking aeration

Adidas Performance X 15.3

If you play the game at a fast pace and enjoy quick turns and sudden bursts of speed, you will love playing in the Adidas Performance X.


Along with normal studs, these shoes have a set of three wide studs on each side. This design increases your acceleration and helps you gain advantage over your opponents. Thanks to this stud shape, you’ll be able to up your speed by one extra percent. In a game of margins such as football, this may be invaluable.

The breathable mesh covers the soft upper part of the shoe. Your feet will remain dry and aerated. Also, the soft upper allows you to take total command of the ball and measure the intensity of your passes and shots. You’ll lose a little bit of shooting power, but the sensitive feeling will help your dribbling and close control.

When you look at the inner area, you’ll see a pretty design with a soft, comfortable cushion. This, combined with the breathable mesh outside, will lock in your feet in total comfort. The forefoot seems narrow, but the cleats break in fairly easily. So, even if you’re wide-footed, you shouldn’t have trouble after you’ve worn them a few times.

All in all, if you like playing in comfortable, soft shoes, think about the Adidas Performance X. For the price, you’ll hardly find a better pair with the same features.


  • Extremely comfortable for the feet
  • Interesting stud configuration for better agility
  • Made to enhance speed and balance
  • Reasonable price


  • Softer upper part that reduces shooting power

Nike Tiempo Mystic IV

The Nike Tiempo is another shoe with a soft upper and flexible sole that gives you authority over the ball at your feet. If you prefer style over power, this pair may interest you.


With the Nike Tiempo, you’ll get comfortable leather shoes that stretch and adapt to your feet. There’s no need to worry about blisters or any uncomfortable feeling. Give it a few sessions and they will fit you faultlessly. At the same time, this will provide you with absolute comfort and a barefoot-like feeling when in possession of the ball.

The coating is breathable and there are breathing holes on the tongue, which makes this pair extremely enjoyable to wear. The tongue is wide and doesn’t fold or move from its fixed position.

Thanks to the sock-like material on the insole, your steps will be comfortable. The flexible sole helps you bend the foot more easily and fully demonstrate your technique. With the higher, classic studs, trapping the ball can be a challenge. However, it will definitely help you keep your balance when running or showing off your skills.

On the other hand, the stitching feels a little weak. If you shoot the ball with a lot of power, the shoes may tear apart a bit more easily than some other similar models. When you consider that these shoes are not the cheapest, you should probably think before you buy them.


  • Soft, sock-like insole
  • Breathable and stretchable leather material
  • Flexible sole for better foot control


  • Weak stitching

Under Armour Magnetico

Many deem the Under Armour Magnetico as one of the best women’s soccer cleats. They’ll fit lightly on your foot without losing any of their sturdiness. If you’re willing to part with a larger sum of money, consider this pair. They will serve you well and make you a better player.


With the Under Armour Magnetico, you will get a modern-looking pair of cleats. Their main purpose is to make you feel like you’re playing barefoot. The modern design consists of stretchable material that will quickly break in and form the shape of your foot.

This same effective material will embrace your ankle and heel, fixing your foot and easing your movement. When you slip inside, you’ll feel a sock liner that allows air to roam and completely relax your foot.

When it comes to touch, ball control is impeccable. You will feel the ball as if you were barefoot, and at the same time, the material will allow you to pass and measure the intensity of your touch. This shoe is made for those who prefer finesse over raw strength and power.

Keep in mind that, while these shoes are stretchable, they still come smaller than usual. Consider getting a size bigger, since they will still fit you well. A smaller pair can cause discomfort and blisters, and it may never stretch enough.


  • Impeccable design for perfect sensitivity and touch
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Lack of strong parts on the upper reduces the kicking power


When you compare the availability and variety of men’s and women’s soccer cleats on the market, it’s good to notice that there isn’t much difference. As such, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the best women’s soccer cleats once you’ve decided what type of shoes you are looking for.

Looking at this list, you’ll get the best quality from the Under Armour Magnetico, but the soft upper might put you off. If you’re looking for a somewhat classical, sturdy material, the Adidas Goletto is a better choice. The Puma Evospeed helps with your acceleration and balance, while the Adidas Performance puts the emphasis on control and dribbling.

When you decide what type of game you want to play, you’ll have no dilemma about which shoes to get.