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The Difference Between Men and Women Soccer Rules

Published date: November 15, 2021

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There’s no denying that soccer has become one of the world’s most popular sports among men and women. It is a great team sport that offers several benefits to both genders. Therefore, it is no surprise that more men and women sign up to join the sport every year. However, with the sport’s increase in popularity, we can’t help but wonder if men and women play to the same rules. Is there a difference between the soccer rules played by men or women?

The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules

Surprisingly, there are no differences in the soccer rules played by men or women. Soccer rules for men are soccer rules for women, too. Both men’s and women’s games are 90 minutes long and played by the same number of players.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some significant differences in games played by men versus those played by women. Since men and women have different physical strengths and approaches, a game played by men can differ significantly from one played by women.

How Do Soccer Games Played by Men and Women Differ?

It is fascinating to compare the games played by both genders. Both men and women can be phenomenal soccer players, and games can be exhilarating for everyone. Although men’s games tend to be more popular in huge tournaments or international events, women’s soccer also enjoys a significant following, with loyal fans attending games whenever they can.

Soccer players who are male tend to enjoy higher salaries than female players, but with the gender equation improving more and more, this, too, is changing. Although there are differences off of the field and behind the scenes in soccer, the biggest differences can be noticed during gameplay. The way men and women approach the game and play their strategies are not remotely similar.

Here are the critical differences in gameplay between the sexes.

Women Aren’t as Aggressive

Men are commonly more aggressive on the soccer field. As a result, their penalty rates tend to be higher. This is most likely why men’s soccer has a higher following since fans enjoy all the aggressive action on the field. On the other hand, women tend to enjoy a gentler game with safer passes. Therefore, women’s soccer doesn’t have as many injuries as men’s soccer does.

Female Players Display a More Technical Game

Women tend to be more cerebral players, and, as a result, there is more finesse in a women’s game of soccer. In addition, women prefer to keep their focus on their techniques. On the other hand, men have a bolder approach, so they like to tackle the game with more bravado.

Men Focus on Individual Efforts

Women tend to focus on the team’s interest, and thus they play together in a joint effort. Men, on the other hand, tend to keep their efforts individual, focusing on personal success. That might be part of why certain players in men’s soccer enjoy a more significant following than others. In contrast, female soccer players want more of a team following.

Women Enjoy a Slower-Paced Game

As mentioned above, men are generally more aggressive players. They also tend to have a much faster-paced game than women. This results, however, in much more interruption in games played by men because of foul or aggressive play. Therefore, even though there are more breaks for recovery and injury checks in men’s soccer, it enjoys a higher attendance rate than the slower games played by female players.

Women’s games are played at a more relaxed pace with fewer breaks. This makes it easier for spectators to follow the game since the movement isn’t as extreme as men’s soccer.

Strategies Differ Significantly

When playing soccer, women tend to play with a more significant amount of open space than men. This is most likely because women are smaller than men and play a slower game.

Men tend to play fast, and since they are more aggressive, their game space is much smaller. As a result, men don’t need to defend such a large area, whereas women have a much larger area to defend. This is also partly why men’s soccer is seen as much more exciting.

There is Less Flopping in Women’s Soccer

Flopping has become increasingly popular in games played by men. Flopping refers to fake injuries. Men’s soccer has such a larger percentage of breaks than women’s soccer because of the more flopping in their games.


Soccer is a beautiful sport that can offer significant advantages to men and women. So, it is lovely that both genders are allowed the opportunity to enjoy the sport that keeps them healthy and fit. By appreciating and supporting the game of soccer, men and women can benefit from one of the world’s best team sports.

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