Dimples Excel Portable Soccer Goal

Dimplex Excel Portable Soccer Goal Review

Published date: May 24, 2019

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Quick Overview





  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy setup
  • Transportation bag


  • Cheap design

Most of us think of childhood as the best time of life because during this stage, we are worry-free, searching for exciting ways to entertain ourselves and experience new things. Today, kids are different from how they were two decades ago, and most are interested in playing on their mobile phones and computers instead of going outside to have fun in the yard.

Bearing this in mind, it is vital to teach your children about the importance of sports and exercise, and time outside in nature. Soccer is the most popular team sport and it will give them the opportunity to have fun while getting fit.

Still, finding a soccer field to play on is not always easy – that is why buying portable soccer goals can go a long way towards your kids having fun no matter where they go. Our personal favorite is the Dimples Excel Portable Soccer Goal — it is a simple and affordable investment.

Dimplex Excel Portable Soccer Goal

Did you know that just two soccer goals can go a long way towards the happiness of your children? The Dimples Portable goals will allow them to play soccer wherever and whenever they want to. What is so great about this product is that it is super easy to set up, and it comes at an affordable price, making it accessible to those with a tighter budget. Sturdy, attractive, and boasting lots of potential for fun, it is a phenomenal investment for any soccer enthusiast.

Who is This Soccer Goal for?

As we mentioned above, regular exercise should play a critical role in everyone’s childhood. With this in mind, the Dimples Excel Portable Soccer Goal is the perfect gift for your children as it will allow them to have loads of playtime outside. While these goals are not adequate for competitive use, anyone who is interested in playing a game or two for their own fun will benefit from it — boys or girls.

What’s Included?

Portable soccer goal sounds pretty complicated, don’t they? Luckily, they aren’t. This offer includes everything that you need to simplify the setup process. Apart from the two sturdy goals, you are getting eight ground pegs that will hold them in place, as well as one packing bag, perfect for transportation and storing purposes.

Overview of Features

A portable soccer goal is a complex product,  and that is the main reason why you shouldn’t buy from unknown brands. The Dimples Excel brand specializes in manufacturing portable goals, and other soccer equipment needed for outdoor fun. With this in mind, along with an 18-month warranty, it is clear that this product is a great investment.

The goals are well-made with the poles being made out of fiberglass, while the net is made out of sturdy Dacron material that can withstand strong kicks and harsh conditions. The dimensions of both goals are 40 x 29 x 30 inches, which is perfect for kids that are below 13 years of age.

For most people, portable goals sound pretty daunting, as they think a lot of time and construction has to be involved. On the contrary, this one consists of a just few steps in the setup process and requires no assembly tools.

It is a great gift for anyone who enjoys playing soccer. This product is suitable only for outdoor play, due to the ground pegs that are made to hold it in place. Although it doesn’t include a soccer ball, it is the least of your concern, as finding one for an affordable price will take less than a few minutes.

To be honest, there is not much that we can say against this product — still, for some, the design of it looks kind of cheap, although we can guarantee that with the proper use and care, it will last for quite a few years. Overall, an excellent buy that allows countless hours of entertainment for your kids.

How to Get the Most Out of It

There is an illustrated instruction sheet that will give you details on how to set up the Dimples portable goals in just minutes. It is as easy as twisting the goal in the spreading direction and putting the pegs into the ground securely.

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WisHome Foldable Play Goal

Suitable for kids up to 13 years of age, the Wishome portable goal is a great alternative to the above mentioned Dimples Excel product. The design is more attractive, while the goal itself is sturdy and made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.


Two portable goals could make a huge difference in how your child perceives sports and outdoor activities. Because of that, investing in this Dimples Excel product is a great choice and an offer you can’t miss out on, especially if your child has shown an interest in soccer. Plus, it is an excellent way to get the whole family outside on the weekend.