Practicing The Rainbow Move

How To Do A Rainbow In Soccer

Published date: October 13, 2021

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Soccer, a game loved by millions worldwide, is great because it involves tactical competence, fabulous saves, great goals, and amazing tricks. Players often use tricks to give them an edge over their opponents. Properly performing a trick can further the progression of a player’s team up the football pitch. Tricks in soccer are also used to embarrass or humiliate opponents and entertain spectators.

Regardless of what they’re intended for, soccer tricks add a little spice to a game. A player may learn many soccer moves and tricks to improve their overall game. One of these tricks in soccer is the rainbow flick. The rainbow flick is considered disrespectful because it humiliates the opponent but it is not illegal. 

What is the Rainbow Flick?

The soccer rainbow flick also called the rainbow kick and several other names in different countries is a classic soccer trick often performed in street soccer. It is rarely used in professional soccer because it is a slightly tricky technique and has a low success rate. However, players like Neymar, who have mastered it, often use it to dribble opponents in a soccer match.

The rainbow kick involves using one foot to roll the soccer ball up the other leg and using the other heel to flick the ball over the head of the opposite player, usually following the trajectory of the rainbow. Hence, its name. You can perform the trick while running or while you’re stationary.

The rainbow flick requires a decent amount of practice for you to master it. Once mastered, you should be able to easily use the skill in a soccer game, quickly getting past defenders. Mastering this skill and others will add more depth to your soccer ability.

Who Invented the Rainbow Flick?

The rainbow flick was first executed in 1968 by Alexandre de Carvalho. It was performed at the 2002 FIFA World Cup by Ilhan Mansiz when he flicked the soccer ball over both his head and his opponent’s. 

Although Alexandre de Carvalho invented the trick, Jay-Jay Okocha popularized it and was known as the king of rainbow flicks in the mid-2000s. Neymar eventually carried the torch and is currently known as the king of rainbow flicks.

How to do a Rainbow 

A rainbow kick is a flashy move that amazes spectators but it can also be used as an offensive tool to keep the ball going. It is slightly tricky but can be mastered with consistent practice. It would be best to practice the rainbow while stationary.

1. Place the soccer ball between your feet. Make sure it is centered in the middle of your body.

2. Use your dominant foot (your favored leg) to roll the ball up the other leg. If you’re right-handed, push the soccer ball up against your left leg using your right foot, and roll it up your left leg. If you’re left-handed, use your left leg to roll the ball up the side of your right leg. Do this repeatedly until you can do it quickly and with enough force.

3. Continue the motion with your foot. With the ball up to knee level, maneuver your leg. Do this so that the ball is propelled a bit into the air as it rolls down your leg. You should position the ball just over your heel.

4. Land on your dominant foot as you kick the ball with the other heel. Your dominant foot, which you used to roll up the ball, should land on the ground while your other heel simultaneously kicks the soccer ball upward. The right foot will hit the ground for right-handed players, while the left heel kicks the ball upward.

You should note that you must do all this very quickly for it to work. Practice striking the ball upward until you get it to arc over your head and land in front of your body. Leaning forward while kicking will help the ball move in the right direction.

Using the trick on the field.

1. Dribble the ball quickly towards the opponent. You can use the rainbow kick to change the direction of a soccer ball when a defender is trying to take it.

2. Leaning forward a bit, place the heel of your dominant foot in front of the ball. Leaning forward is vital, as the ball will go backward if you don’t lean forward.

3. Place your other foot behind the ball. This should position the ball between your feet in preparation for the rainbow technique.

4. Use your dominant foot to roll the ball up the other leg. As usual, this is done very quickly. The ball rolls up your leg and, reaching the knee level, rolls back down toward the heel.

5. Lean forward and kick the ball up with your heel. It would help if you simultaneously kicked the ball up with your other foot as you land on your dominant foot. If done correctly, the ball will arc over the head of the defender, and you can continue moving with the soccer ball.

How to do a Rainbow Flick in FIFA 22

Knowing some of the best skills in FIFA 22 will help you be a better player. Breaking your opponent’s defense would be pretty easy with the right skills. The rainbow flick is one of the fantastic soccer tricks in FIFA 22. Performing a rainbow flick in an online game is not as challenging as doing it in real life, but it is still tricky.

In FIFA 22, there are two versions of the rainbow flick: the simple rainbow flick and the advanced rainbow flick. They both require flipping the right analog stick but in different directions. 

A simple rainbow flick requires moving the stick down, up, and up. An advanced rainbow flick requires moving the right analog stick down, holding up, and up. You should note that only a player who has four-star skill moves would be able to perform a rainbow flick. To perform an advanced rainbow flick, the player has to have five-star skill moves.

Final Thoughts

In soccer, the rainbow flick is one of the most popular tricks. You will leave your teammates and spectators amazed when you do it the right way. To perform it correctly, you need to put in decent practice. Using the trick in a game might be more tricky as you’ll probably be under more pressure. Continue practicing and gain enough confidence to pull it off.

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