Practicing The Rainbow Move

How To Do A Rainbow In Soccer

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If you are a soccer enthusiast, you would know that there are plenty of fun and complicated tricks to learn in order to improve your overall game. The rainbow flick is one of the most popular tricks used by professional soccer players. This flashy move often amazes the crowd, as it looks incredibly difficult.

While you will need to practice in order to get the rainbow flick right, this trick is much less complicated than you may think. In this article, we will be discussing the rainbow flick and how you can master the skill.

What Is A Rainbow Flick?

In short, the rainbow flick is a technique that involves moving the soccer ball up your leg, then kicking it with the opposite heel. This causes the ball to arc around your head, allowing you to get past defenders with ease.

It is important to note that the rainbow flick does require a decent amount of practice. Once you have the skill mastered, you should be able to easily perform it in the middle of a game, adding more depth to your soccer ability.

How To Do The Rainbow Flick

Practice The Trick While Stationary

Before adding this trick to your game, you should start by practicing it while stationary.

Roll The Ball Up Your Opposite Leg

When starting the rainbow flick, you will need to use your favored leg in order to roll the ball up the other leg. For example, if you are right-handed, push the soccer ball up against the other ankle using your foot. Use your favored foot to guide the soccer ball up the opposite leg. Over time, you should be able to do this with more power and force.

It is important to note that the ball will drop to the ground if you do not do this fast enough.

Follow Through With Your Foot

You should now follow through with your foot. Once the ball reaches knee level, maneuver your foot in order to propel the ball into the air as it rolls off of your leg. The soccer ball should be over the heel of your opposite leg.

For example, if you are right-handed, you will roll the ball up your left leg. Help the ball off of your leg once it reaches knee level. After this step is completed, it should land just behind your left heel.

Land On Your Dominant Foot And Kick The Ball With Your Heel

The foot that you used to roll the ball should land on the ground. At the same time, use the heel of the other foot to kick the soccer ball up with your heel. If you use your right foot to guide the soccer ball up the opposite leg, your right foot will land on the ground while your left foot arches the ball over your head.

It is important to note that you will have to complete this step quickly in order for it to work properly. Practice rolling and kicking the ball until you are able to move your legs quickly enough without dropping the ball at the wrong time.

To get the ball to arc upwards correctly, be sure to strike it at the underside of the ball. It is essential that you practice this step until you get the ball to land directly in front of you.

Finally, be sure to lean forward slightly when landing and kicking the ball. This will assist in moving the ball in the correct direction.

Two Young Caucasian Boys Kicking Soccer Ball on Grass Venue

Use The Rainbow Flick On The Field

You can also use the rainbow flick in the middle of a soccer game. However, it is important to note that it is much harder to complete this skill under pressure, as you will have to move very quickly.

Dribble The Ball Towards A Defender

In order to use the rainbow flick in a game, start by dribbling the ball towards a defender. The rainbow flick can be used to switch direction in a game when a defender is running straight towards you.

Use Your Dominant Foot While Leaning Forward

It is absolutely essential that you lean forward when using the rainbow flick in a game. If you skip this step, the ball will move backward.

Bring Your Non-Dominant Foot Behind The Ball

After the previous step, the soccer ball should land between your feet. You can now initiate the rainbow flick technique.

Sweep The Ball Up The Opposite Leg

As we mentioned before, you will need to start by sweeping the ball up your opposite leg. During this step, be sure to roll the ball off of the leg at knee level. The ball should then drop down just behind your heel.

Kick The Ball Up With Your Heel

As the ball lands behind your heel, flick it upwards with power and force. It is important to note that the more power you use, the easier it will be to complete the skill correctly. During this step, the ball should arc upwards over your head and over the defender.

Other players are likely to follow the ball as it moves through the air. During this time, move forward and follow the ball past the defender. Since they will be distracted, you will have an opportunity to sidestep them, making it much easier to move your way down the pitch.


The rainbow flick is one of the most popular and commonly used tricks in soccer. When performed correctly, you will be sure to amaze the crowd and your teammates. However, it is important to note that you will have to practice often in order to get it right, or you will risk the move falling flat.

You can use the rainbow flick while standing still or in the middle of a game. It is much harder to perform the skill in a game, as you will be under pressure. It is also worth noting that the trick should be performed quickly and with power.

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