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How to Flip Throw in Soccer

Published date: January 2, 2022

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Soccer is a wonderfully complex sport that is best played with equal parts skill and strategy. When these core values are balanced, it makes the game easy to appreciate for viewers, even if their team comes up short in the end. But for this to occur, both players and their managers - despite the significant difference in their roles - need to put an equal amount of effort into their pre-game and mid-game coordination.

If you have come here to find out how to be a better manager - what to focus on and what skills you need - we cannot help you. But if you are a player (and we are willing to bet that most of you are) and want to improve your ballgame, we may just have something for you to take home.

There are plenty of neat tricks for an aspiring soccer player to learn, the most simple of which is regularly employed by professionals due to their effectiveness. Some of these tricks may seem a little tough for beginners, but mastering them is key to developing your ballgame and improving your on-field capabilities.

With that in mind, this article will show you how to perform a flip throw in soccer, which is not only useful but is also sure to impress your admirers and gain you a few more along the way. Let us kick-off and take a look at how to flip throw in soccer so you can learn how to do this exciting move to impress your friends, fellow players, and fans.

What Is a Flip Throw?

A flip throw is an advanced move in soccer in which the player does a front handspring with the ball positioned beneath their hands, then launches the ball once enough energy is built up. If you have ever tried to pull off a fatality in Mortal Kombat with all those button presses and inputs, it is a bit like that, but with your body.

Flip throws are a rare sight in soccer, but when they are pulled off correctly, they are not only impressive - (with plenty of “ooh”-ing and “aah”-ing from crowds) - they are also tactically advantageous due to their ability to effectively position the ball right in front of the goal, something normal throw-ins cannot generally accomplish. Players with a background in gymnastics typically perform them, but for the purposes of this guide, you do not need to be a world-class acrobat.

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How to Perform a Flip Throw

As previously mentioned, flip throws are an advanced technique that requires plenty of time and practice to be performed- and even more to master. There is no easy way around it - if you want to use this move in your playing, you will need to be ready to spend hours testing it out and probably also getting hurt along the way.

Fortunately, we have broken this complex move down into easily-understood steps. Venture with us as we take you through everything you need to know about performing this crowd-pleasing zinger of a move.

Step One: Practice and Warm-Up

Before you can even think about practicing the move itself, you will need to prepare your body for the work it has cut out for it. That means training specific skills before your first attempt.

Firstly, as with any practice or exercise session, it is essential to warm up properly. In the case of the flip throw, you will especially want to concentrate on your stretches and core workouts.

Secondly, if you have never tried it before, you will also need to practice your forward handsprings. This is best done on even ground with a slow build-up. Start by jogging a few steps forward, then raise your hands up in the air before planting them on the ground. With enough momentum, you should be able to kick your legs up, then flip forward to land on your feet.

Thirdly, though it may seem counterproductive at first, you should also work on improving your hand-standing technique. This can be done without the run-up of a forward handspring, and you should do your best to stand on your hands perfectly balanced for at least three seconds at a time. When you are comfortable with your sense of balance, practice the same thing but with a soccer ball in your hands.

Step Two: Practice a Flip Throw

The flip throw is essentially a combination of everything you have already practiced, but you will need plenty of time to get a good grasp of how the skill is performed.

To start with, make sure that you always have a firm grip on the ball - you do not want it slipping from your hand mid-spring. Once you have it, take a few steps back (about five should do) and get ready for the run up.

As you jog forward and get ready for the maneuver, bring the ball behind your head before attempting the spring. This is important because, for a throw-in to be legal, it needs to travel from behind the back of your head, then travel forward.

Finally, with enough momentum, plant your hands on the ground while still gripping the ball and do a front spring. Remember to kick your legs up to continue the arc, then land on your feet.

As your feet make contact with the ground, release the ball by flicking it forward. If you have performed the move correctly, the ball should whiz through the air at breakneck speeds and be placed exactly where you want it.


The flip throw is an excellent addition to your soccer skills, but it most certainly is not easy to perform, especially during matches. Do not beat yourself if you do not get it straight away. Keep practicing the move and it should begin to feel natural and right over time. Just remember to maintain your balance and momentum and you should be on your way to being an all-star flip thrower that everyone can respect and cheer on.

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