How to Kick a Soccer Ball

How to Kick a Soccer Ball

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One of the most important and challenging techniques to learn when you begin your soccer training is the kick. It is important to get the proper training and not just rely on the old 'trial and error' method of learning which could cost you important time that you could be used to refine your kick and other techniques important to becoming an all-star on the field.

So, in this guide we will walk you through the steps that you need to master to have that epic kick you have been dreaming of and as a bonus give you a breakdown of some of the strikes you can begin to refine once you have mastered the standard soccer kick. Power and accuracy are the name of the game and by the time you have followed these steps those should be the words everyone uses about you when you hit the field.

How to Have an Epic Kick

Since the kick is the foundation of everything in the game of soccer you can see why it would be important to have the most effective kick as possible. Taking the time to refine your kick is important so with each step makes sure you have mastered it before moving to the next. And remember practice makes perfect!

It’s all about the touch!

You should be looking to touch the soccer ball when it is no closer than a foot away or one step; this will increase your power and accuracy. There are multiple ways that your foot can come in contact  with the ball – inside, outside or shoelaces – and this is all dependent on the type of kick you are looking to execute. Here are the two kicks that should be first on your list to master.

  • Standard kick = inside at a slight angle
  • Straight kick = laces with your foot straight

Look at the goal/field

If you want to enhance the accuracy of your kick or pass you need to know where you are in relation to the goal and your teammates.

Focus on the ball

You need to lock your eyes on the ball and not look up so that you are able to properly touch the ball at the right spot on the ball to make the kick you are looking for. For instance, if you want to gain some air and pop the ball up you may want to touch the bottom of the ball, and if your focus is not on the ball you will not be able to accurately use your power to achieve your goal.

Properly place your other foot

Where your non-kicking foot is placed plays a major part in how effective your kick ends up being. Here are a few keys steps to ensure you get proper placement:

  • Place the foot even vertically with the ball, a comfortable way from the ball horizontally
  • You need to place your place foot pointing where you intend the ball to go
  • To get the right placement of this foot use your kicking foot to push off and move the place foot to the proper place

Use your arms

If you want better balance and a more athletic kick, swinging your arms as you kick is what you need to do. Make sure to raise the arm that is the same side as your place foot when you are moving your other arm back. Swing your arms forward as you contact the soccer ball.

Cock your leg back

Cock your leg back in a 'V' shape as far back as you can. You want as much force as possible which will mean more intensity to your kick.

Stiffen your ankle

Lock your ankle in a firm and straight position.

Don’t lean!

Making sure that your body stays straight will keep your accuracy perfect. Whatever you do don’t lean this will make your foot placement off and will affect your shot.

Follow your kick all the way through!

This is simple; instead of stopping your momentum mid kick, let the force carry it all the way through and your power and accuracy will be majorly enhanced, and always remember to land on your kicking foot.

If you follow these steps and keep on a routine, you will have an epic kick faster than you can imagine.

Here is a video that may help you out:

Types of Kicks

Once you have mastered the standard and straight kick there are a plethora of other kicks that you may want to practice adding into your arsenal. Here are a few:

  • Volley – This is striking the ball while in the air
  • Half Volley – This kick is when you meet the ball after it bounces on the ground
  • Bicycle kick – This looks like you are riding a bike and is when you pump your legs to kick it in mid-air. With this kick, you will be landing on your back
  • Knuckle the ball – Hit the ball where the stem that you pump it is and strike through the center of the ball not following through completely. Check out a few videos that show Ronaldo playing and you will see him use this move a lot


Mastering the perfect kick in the beginning is one of the most important steps to becoming a star on the field.

Whether it is a fun game in the park with your family members and friends, or if it is a school tournament or club match, knowing how to kick a soccer ball in an efficient, properly aimed, and powerful manner is the key to your success.  

By following these guidelines and with a lot of practice you will be hearing 'GOAL!' A lot! Plus, if you are wanting to try out for a team and your kicking was your weak link, your worries can now be put at ease as you will be dominating on the field, impressing everyone with your kicking know-how.

So what are you waiting for? Get kicking!