Perfect Soccer Ball

Perfect Soccer Ball Review

Published date: May 24, 2019

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Quick Overview





  • Price
  • Good in all weather
  • Customer service


  • Durability
  • Poor stitching

Endorse by D.C. United’s forward, Quincy Amarikawa and retired Rochester Rhino midfielder, Ross Labauex (who is now an assistant varsity coach at the University of Chicago), Perfect Soccer is one of the smaller companies that is trying to leave the mark in the soccer world. In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Perfect ball.

Perfect Soccer Ball

This ball was the first product launched by the Perfect Soccer team with the hopes of being able to bring to their customers the perfect ball (hence the name, I would imagine).

The company is so sure of themselves that they offer a lifetime warranty as well as a massive library of soccer training videos and guides. With the Perfect Soccer Skills Academy, the company offers a course of training that has been curated by both Quincy Amarikawa and Ross Labauex.

Who is This Soccer Ball for?

Though the price may be just an initial offer, it is so good that any coach would be smart to stock up now and with that lifetime warranty be set for seasons to come. Even when the ball does go back to the full price, the price point is still very competitive with the rest of the market.

The company’s dedication to creating a full-service soccer academy is also a nice touch and sets them apart from most of its competition. This should be very appealing to the coaches out there and you can see that this is their targeted audience of choice as they offer a discounted price for the more you buy.

What's Included?

With the 5 or 10 pack, you get a free carrying case (single balls come with a single ball bag). The case is easy to carry and durable to ensure you get from practice to the field with no problems.

Overview of Features

The soccer ball and the extra online bonuses are amazing, but the ball offers so much more. Things like:

  • Available in a single ball or 5 and 10 packs which makes it perfect for soccer coaches
  • An outer shell crafted with high-quality faux leather
  • Durable with a soft touch due to the machined stitching
  • Pro-level quality
  • Wound bladder lined
  • Available in multiple sizes (3-5)
  • The bladder is constructed with butyl
  • Made with PVC and coated with PU

We have already talked about the price point but just to reiterate, the low-price tag is one of the best things about this ball.

If you are a coach working with limited funds or even a parent who must worry about not only the ball but the laundry list of equipment, you know that it can get quite expensive. So, for no other reason than this, the Perfect ball is a definite contender for the best soccer ball out there. 

Now when you start to dive further into all the features, this price gets even better as you see your investment bringing more to the game. With the durable expertly crafted ball, you get a tool that has a good hand.

This ball is good for any weather which means you don’t have to cancel practice just because it decides to rain a little. On top of that, if you  have any problems many customers rave about customer service. Even with all that, there are a few concerns to consider.

When reading through the reviews you will see a lot of unhappy customers. It seems that when the company first launched there were some major problems with the stitching and durability. Though there are still a few reports of such, it seems that the second batch has been fixed.

Still, be cautious and just remember if you get a bad ball just remember that the Perfect company’s customer service is five stars and you will get the problem resolved quickly.

How to Get the Most Out of it

One of the ways you can get the most out of this ball is to learn how to effectively pass the ball. So check out this video that will walk you through how to do that.


Senda Valor Soccer Ball

If the durability issues and stitching concerns still nag you, a great option that runs within the same price range is the Senda Valor soccer ball. With this choice, you will negate the negatives and get the same professional level.


With all this information about this 32-panel Perfect ball (Which by the way is constructed in fair trade conditions and is FIFA certified for its weight, just saying!), you can decide if the Perfect Soccer ball is as it says the perfect ball for you. It is a great option if you are looking for a ball to use for casual games with your friends and family, and will last for awhile if you take care of it properly.