Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball

Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball Review

Published date: May 24, 2019

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Quick Overview





  • Lined with foam and polyester
  • Durable
  • Reduced bounce
  • Air retention
  • Companies mission statement


  • Sub-par stitching
  • Coating

Unique to the soccer world, Senda concentrates on manufacturing only for competitive play. Because they have narrowed their niche down that means they can truly focus on creating balls that will be perfect for your chosen game.

Crafting both soccer and futsal balls, this company has been leaving their mark of the competitive soccer and futsal world. In this review, we will be breaking down a few features and giving you an overview of the Senda Rio Training Futsal ball.

Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball

The company itself has taken it in their shoulders to create pro level balls for both soccer and futsal that give back as much as they take. With a mission to remove big money from the soccer/futsal world and infuse a more sustainable, fair trade mentality Senda has brought conscience into the consideration of consumers. It is no wonder that this company partners with the U.S Youth Futsal league.

Who is this Ball for?

Unique in its approach to the business of soccer/futsal, Senda’s mission statement must be one of the things that we love the most about this ball. Concentrating on crafting a futsal ball that you can feel good about using is a risky excursion, but it seems to be working for this young company. Riding on the wave of consumer consciousness about fair trade and the exploitation of people for corporate gains Senda has taken the soccer/futsal world by storm. It would behoove the other manufacturers to adopt some of Senda’s social consciousness, but only if they can back it up with the same level of quality. Even if this is not something that you specifically look for when you are trying to decide on which product to purchase, it is a notch in the pro’s column.  So, this ball is really for the socially conscious futsal fanatic looking for a great ball for the perfect training session or even match.

What's included

The only thing that comes with this purchase is the ball, but you get a 1-year shape and construction warranty with the ball.

Overview of Features

In case you are buying this as a gift and have never heard of futsal ball, it might be nice to know what you are looking for. A futsal ball is the smaller cousin of a soccer ball.  A soccer ball is designed for bounce and the normal ball size is 5 on the soccer ball scale. But with a futsal ball, you get a ball that comes in at about a 4 on the soccer ball scale. That is not the only difference. The futsal ball is designed to be heavier and with little to no bounce. Allowing for better control, the futsal ball is dribbled up a smaller court and the game itself is a much faster paced one.

Along with their social conscious view, this ball also has the following features:

  • A softer touch from the special foam backing
  • Enhanced durability
  • Increased air retention created by a reinforced bladder
  • Certified fair-trade practices
  • Constructed with stronger seams from precision machine stitching

Senda is a socially conscious company that is focused on creating a professional piece of equipment. If social issues are not your deciding factor, the high-quality craftsmanship should be. Constructed to be durable with performance-enhancing technology, the Senda Rio futsal ball is one of the only futsal balls on the market that uses foam with its polyester lining. This means that your futsal ball will have a reduced bounce but still have a nice feel. A lot of thought was put into the design of this futsal ball, and that is why the team at Senda decided to use a rubber bladder which also helps with the bounce and rebound of the ball.

Even with all the attention to detail, the perfect futsal ball does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Some notes for the next model may read that the stitching needs to be improved. Using a machine to stitch the ball does not lend itself to the same quality as a hand-stitched ball may. Then, there is the fact that most futsal balls use a felt or pebbled texture which the Senda Rio lacks.

How to Get the Most Out of it

To get the most out of this ball you will need to know a few kicks. Here is a video that may help you with that.


Select Master Futsal Ball

With stitching issues and a coating that is not standard to the typical futsal ball, you may want to consider another option. Staying in the same price range (but with less social-conscious concern) you can get the same level of performance from the Select Master Futsal ball.


There are many things that the Senda Rio Futsal ball offers to enhance your game, and with a socially conscious message, this ball shines above many. If you are looking for the right futsal ball, maybe this fine selection should be on your list.