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Referee holding ball and showing a red card

What Is a Red Card In Soccer

The world of sports isn’t for everyone, but it’s never too late to start taking an interest and getting involved in some capacity. Even then, there are many different sports and events that are broadcast around the world, and for Americans, one sport that isn’t quite as popular on your home turf is football, or […]

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close up of a soccer shoe hitting the ball from corner kick

What is a Corner Kick in Soccer

Soccer is one of the top sports today, with people worldwide playing and watching in anticipation. However, most people don’t realize that there are many techniques required to play soccer well. For example, there are several kicks that soccer players can master to improve their gameplay and become the most robust and most successful soccer […]

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What Size Soccer Ball for 5 Year Old Kids Is Best

So, what size soccer ball for 5 year old kids is best? Soccer is a fun game that anyone can enjoy, whether it’s as a hobby or a profession. Like any other sport, there is a lot of equipment you’ll need to be able to play a game of soccer. If you already have a goal, […]

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How Big Is a Professional Soccer Field: All About Fields

Whether you’re a spectator of the sport or David Beckham is reading this, you may have some questions about the amazing sport of soccer. Soccer can be dated back to over 2,000 years ago when it was played in China.  It’s fair to assume that quite a bit about the game changed in those 2,000 years, including […]

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Why Does a Soccer Ball Curve

Why Does a Soccer Ball Curve?

We have all been stunned at times by the way the best soccer players are able to get the ball to curve. Bending a soccer ball certainly isn’t easy but it is a skill that can be learned through endless hours of practice. You may wonder how this is possible. We have seen top players such […]

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What is the Weight of a Soccer Ball

What is the Weight of a Soccer Ball?

Getting ahold of the right accessories is vital when you are going to play any sport. When it comes to soccer, there are a number of items to take into account. Chief among them is the ball. How heavy should this be to comply with the rules while also being easy to use? The truth is […]

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What are Professional Soccer Balls Filled With

What are Professional Soccer Balls Filled With?

The way that soccer balls bounce and move may make you wonder what they are filled with. Is it Helium? Or maybe Oxygen? Or is there some other sort of magical gas inside them? The subject of how to fill a soccer ball might seem simple but if you don’t know how it is done then […]

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Soccer Ball Sizes for Age Groups

Soccer Ball Sizes for Age Groups

Choosing the right soccer ball might appear more complicated once you realize that they come in different sizes. In some cases, a specific size is designed for a certain age group. Others can be used by anyone. By going through each of the different sizes that are recognized by FIFA we can see which type is […]

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How Big Are Soccer Goals

How Big Are Soccer Goals?

Soccer is a popular sport amongst all age groups and skill levels. You don’t have to be an expert or even have any special skills to start playing soccer. Because of the variety of ages and skill levels that play this popular team sport, the equipment used in games varies, too.  With the object of […]

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Are Soccer Balls Made of Leather

Are Soccer Balls Made of Leather?

As you kick a soccer ball you might wonder what it is actually made of. Are these balls made out of leather or of something else? If someone else is used, then what material could it be? There have been different materials used through the years, with leather definitely being one of them, which is why […]

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