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What Is A Cap in Soccer

What Is A Cap in Soccer?

Have you ever seen or heard soccer commentators, reporters or even players talking about ‘caps’, ‘being capped’, ‘first cap’? You might have been puzzled about what a cap actually means. We are most definitely not talking about a cap being worn on the field of play, as is often done by goalkeepers to protect their […]

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What Is A Hat Trick In Soccer

What Is A Hat Trick In Soccer?

Whether you play soccer, watch soccer or best of all, do both, you have almost certainly heard the term ‘hat trick’ either from another player or from the commentator. If you are unsure what the phrase hat-trick means in soccer, then in simple terms it occurs when a player scores three goals in a match. […]

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How Many Players on A Soccer Team

How Many Players on A Soccer Team?

How many players on a soccer team is going to depend on what type of match it is. For any organized soccer game, the number of people on a soccer team is usually going to be 11. This also means that usually the number of players on the soccer field will be 22.  We say usually […]

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Who Invented Soccer

Who Invented Soccer?

Many sports can trace their originals back through the decades, and even centuries to when they were first played, but whether we can say any specific sports were ‘invented’ would imply that some person or persons sat down and literally drew up a blueprint from scratch on how to play the game. Rather than that […]

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How Long is A Soccer Game

How Long is A Soccer Game? you know anything about soccer and were asked how long a game is, you’d give the simple answer of ’90 minutes’ and move swiftly on. After all, according to Law 7 of the rules of soccer, it should consist of two halves of 45 minutes, and simple arithmetic tells us 2 times 45 is […]

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