Soccer Quiz

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Are you looking for a soccer quiz to test your knowledge? Well, you are in luck. We  here at Soccer Lifestyle have developed a great soccer quiz that will challenge you. Whether you are a serious soccer fan, or learning the game, our trivia game has something for everyone. The best part is that it is free! The next best part is that the soccer quiz questions progress in difficulty. It starts off as an easy soccer quiz, then becomes harder the longer you play. We like to think its one of the best soccer quiz games on the market. 

 We don’t play any silly games with lives and hearts and energy. If you don’t know your stuff, you will get sent off and suspended. This game has yellow cards, red cards and even substitutions. It does not matter if you call it, Soccer or Football, Fútbol, Fußall or Calcio, you will love playing this game.

Navigate your way through different levels in this futbol quiz. There are over 500 questions, all designed to push your football trivia knowledge. Progress from Sunday League, to Semi-Pro. Then, Professional, World Class and Legendary. This football quiz gets harder the longer you play. 

Soccer Quiz questions

This quiz immerses you in the full soccer experience. The rules are as follows:

  • You have 3 substitutions in every round, like in a real soccer game. 
  • The substitutions allow you to skip a question. 
  • If you get an answer wrong, you will get a yellow card.
  • When you accumulate five yellow cards you will get a red card and you will get sent off, resulting in a suspension.
  • You either need to wait for 90 seconds to play again, or you can watch a video to play immediately.
  • At the start of the game, you receive 11 card removers and 3 substitutions.
  • You need to achieve a score of 14/20 to pass a round.
  • If you score 13 or less, you will fail the round and you will have to replay it.
  • Refill your substitutions by watching a video.
  • Buy more card removers in the locker room.
  • You can check your progress under your profile section.
  • Question types are a combination of Multiple Choice and True/False.

If you want to learn more about the rules of beautiful game and what yellow and red cards are, take a look at this article.