Soccer Quiz

Published date: February 14, 2022

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Soccer is considered to be the most popular sport in the world and that is for a good reason. If you are a football/soccer/Calcio fan then you will love our quiz! Unlike other quizzes, this one is sure to give you a wild ride and truly test your knowledge on the most popular soccer players, successful coaches, and the history of World Cups that you need to know about if you are a true enthusiast of this sport!

If you are used to counting on numerous lives and in-game stamina you can forget it – we designed an interactive soccer quiz that you need to do your best at to progress into the next round!

You can try a sample selection of questions on this page, but you can also download the games for free at the Apple or Google Play store.

Who Is This Soccer Quiz for?

We would like to think that it is for anyone who loves soccer. With that in mind, you don’t need to be a specialist in this sport to spend hours and have a lot of fun with our soccer quiz. On the contrary, with more than 500 listed questions, it is a fantastic way to get started and educated on the game’s history as well as learn more about who are the most successful players that ever stepped on the field. Not only that but you can also think of this soccer quiz as a terrific exercise for the live trivia competitions that you can find at your local bar and enter with a group of friends.

In addition to the fact that our soccer quiz is suitable for football newbies, any serious soccer fan is sure to have a blast with it. We did our best to include an extensive list of questions that you will need to think about twice before answering. On the other hand, the interface is pretty simple and comes down to multiple choice answers or the popular true/false questions.

The combination of a user-friendly interface and well-thought-out questions is why our soccer quiz stands out. No matter how great you think your knowledge of the game is, you can always learn more and it is something that we will help you with.

Push Yourself to Become a Soccer Quiz Legend

The coolest part of our soccer quiz is that it isn’t static but allows you to move through a wide variety of trivia knowledge levels until you become a legend. How it works is that you are pointed to a series of questions and have a few substitutions that you can use in each round. Substitutions can be used for skipping a question that you are not comfortable with or you don’t have an answer to. Keep in mind that wrong answers lead to yellow, then red cards and suspensions which is why you will want to think twice before using a substitution.

The first level of our soccer quiz is the popular Sunday League where you will be met with a wide variety of questions that beginners should know the answer to. Most are related to popular soccer players as well as coaches who led their teams to win the UEFA Champions League or World Cups. As you are moving forward, the trivia questions do get trickier as the next level of the game is the Semi-Pro which offers the same interface as Sunday League (multiple-choice, true/false questions) but requires more focus and a greater in-game experience.

With a bit of luck and a lot of knowledge, you are sure to reach the Professional level, World-Class stage, and maybe even become a Legend which is the ultimate goal of playing our soccer quiz. Throughout this game, you are going to have loads of fun as the dynamics are made to keep you going and try to figure out an answer using the least amount of help.

While the game gets harder as you progress, you will gain more experience and know when you should use substitution and when it is better to risk a false answer and earn a yellow card. The more experienced you are the higher your confidence will be and thus the chance of reaching the Legendary stage.

Extensive List of Questions

You will find that our soccer quiz doesn’t have a lot of repetitive questions. The main reason for it is because we have a team of soccer fans and specialists who worked hard to create a list of more than 500 questions that you will be asked en route to becoming a Legend in our game.

Unlike most other quizzes, this one offers a unique approach and a chance to improve your knowledge while playing the game. The extensive list of questions that includes soccer players, coaches, clubs, national teams, and soccer history is going to push you to your limits!

Soccer-Inspired Rules

What kind of a soccer quiz would it be if we didn’t include the rules that you would find in the game? With that in mind, there are three main elements that you should be aware of and that is substitutions, yellow cards, and red cards.

Firstly, when you start the game, you get three substitutions that are the same as real-life soccer that you can use to skip the question you aren’t comfortable with. Keep in mind that if you run out of the substitutions and you need them for the next game you can watch an ad video to refill.

Another in-game aid is the card removers that you get 11 of and that you can count on for removing a yellow card thus prolonging your time in the game and efficiently avoiding a suspension. Each time you get a wrong answer you get a yellow card.

Five yellow cards result in a red card that is a synonym for suspension. You have two options – either you watch a video ad or wait for 90 seconds before you can continue playing. Keep in mind that each round consists of 20 questions and that you need to get at least 14 correct to move to the next stage.

Good luck and have fun!