Soccer Players Running With Balls in Between Training Poles

Soccer Training Poles

Published date: December 13, 2021

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Picking out a good gift is always a challenge, especially during the holiday season when most people are trading their work time for shopping time. Malls are quickly crowded, and before you know it, everything's sold out.

Unfortunately, choosing a good gift for a soccer player is even more difficult. For anyone standing on the outside of the footballing world and looking in, it's tough to determine what the football player in your life could possibly want - or need.

Luckily, we've got the solution to this problem - or rather, solutions. Every soccer player worth their salt has a set of training poles to keep in practice. Chances are, though, the aspiring football star you know doesn't have any yet. They are sure to appreciate any of these picks, all of which can conveniently be found online.

Soccer Training Poles

Bluedot Trading Soccer Agility Training Poles

Maybe you've already purchased all of your gifts ahead of the holiday season and would like nothing more than something small or supplementary.

Luckily, Bluedot Trading provides a set of four training poles at a low price. These poles can be used for just about any sport, but they are especially suitable for soccer players who want to up their game.

The poles themselves are lightweight and adjustable, meaning they're up for pretty much any task or drill, but are best used for practicing balance, agility, and dribbling. They have a total length of 5 feet, 8.5 inches and are placed in the ground with a metal spike to keep them rigid.

SKLZ Pro Training Telescoping Agility Poles

Training poles are more than just sticks that you place in the ground. With SKLZ's telescoping agility poles, they can be used as so much more.

These training poles are perfect for the all-rounder, the footballer who wants to work on more than their footwork. When used in tandem with other related SKLZ Pro Training products, it's easy to construct an entire training course on the fly in your backyard.

Better still, if you aren't limited to your yard, these poles can also be placed on turf and courts and are easily transported thanks to a simple and convenient carry bag.


For those who constantly find themselves on the move and value ease-of-use when it comes to sporting equipment, you can't go wrong with QUICKPLAY PRO's agility poles.

Designed to be assembled in a few seconds and disassembled and packed away just as quickly, these agility poles sport a bright neon color that is sure to aid visual acuity. Their fiberglass construction keeps them lightweight and easily maneuverable, but they retain their rigidity once they're stuck in the ground.

Although each pole measures only 3 feet tall, there are 12 poles in each QUICKPLAY PRO agility pole set, which can be combined to make six taller poles. And when you're done training for the day and are ready to pack up, the poles can quickly be taken apart and stored in a durable, lightweight carry bag.

Uber Soccer Training Poles

If you've liked all of the suggestions we've given so far, but wish that you could combine all of their best features into one cohesive package, then Uber Soccer's selection of training poles is probably the right pick for you.

With no less than 12 poles per set, each measuring 6 feet and colored with either bright orange or bright yellow, it's safe to say that you'll get plenty of great use out of these training poles. With a solid metal spike to keep them upright and sturdy PVC construction, they are sure to meet all of your agility and speed training requirements.

Like all the best training pole sets, the ones from Uber Soccer each come with a nylon carry bag for easy transportation.

Net World Sports Slalom Poles

Net World caters to pretty much all of your sporting needs. As such, their training pole sets are best used alongside a handful of the brand's other sporting products.

That being said, if all you're looking for is a solid set of training poles for yourself, a friend, or a whole team, you can't do much better. With reinforced ground spikes keeping them firmly planted in the ground, and responsive spring-back action, these training poles can handle a lot of abuse before popping out of the turf. It helps too that they are made from highly resistant anti-shatter plastic tubing.

While other training pole sets may offer more bang for your buck, the eight poles included in this package from Net World Sports are nothing to scoff at.

Crown Sporting Goods Agility Poles

When it comes to brands with the word "crown" in their name, you should expect nothing but the best. And thankfully, Crown Sporting Goods' agility poles more than deliver.

While they're a bit pricier than some of the other training pole sets on our list, you'll find that these agility poles offer far more versatility when it comes to your training regimen. Of course, each pole measures just over 5 feet tall and features a durable PVC construction, but this package also includes three black rubber bases with three separate placement opportunities - left, right, and middle.

This means that each training session can be customized and adapted to fit the player's particular needs beyond simple footwork and dribbling.

Workoutz 60-inch Solid Slalom Agility Poles

Although metal spikes are a tried and tested method of placing training poles, they quickly become redundant when your training routine moves indoors. Luckily, Workoutz training pole sets are complete with six dome bases, which can be placed on any flat surface, be it hard concrete or soft grass.

The poles themselves feature everything you've come to expect so far, with bright yellow coloring to keep your eyes focused. The bases have a diameter of approximately 8 inches and can be filled with sand or any weighted compound to keep the poles from leaning or swaying.

Workoutz's training poles are nothing fancy, but the novel addition of weighted dome bases makes them exceptionally useful under any conditions.

Uber Soccer Adjustable Agility Poles

Another great product from Uber Soccer, these training poles feature everything we mentioned previously but are now adjustable and compatible with Uber Soccer's very own pole bases.

To reiterate, these poles come in sets of 12 and are made of lightweight but sturdy PVC. Their bright yellow coloring aids greatly with visual acuity.

Additionally, these poles can be adjusted from anywhere between 40 to 72 inches in height.

Trademark Innovations Training Poles

If you don't need anything fancy and just want another solid choice of training poles, the ones on offer from Trademark Innovations can do no wrong. Although they don't offer much versatility, they are durable and easy to set up and break down in between training sessions.

These training poles come in sets of 8, which means you'll be able to set up a commendable variety of different courses. When you're finished for the day or need to move camp, they can be safely secured in a convenient carry bag.

FORZA Hurdle and Agility Poles

Not to be confused with the video game series of the same name, FORZA offers a variety of sporting goods that can be used in tandem, but even if all you need is a good set of training poles, you'll get plenty of use out of these fully-adjustable agility poles.

Although each set only comes with four poles, they can be combined to form various obstacles. Not only will you be able to improve your agility and footwork, but you'll also be able to test your endurance and push yourself to reach new heights when you combine these poles to form hurdles.

If you're prepared to buy more than one set at a time, there's no doubt that you'll have your own obstacle course in no time.

Gear FC Alpha Gear Agility Poles

Sometimes less is more, as evidenced by our last pick. Gear FC follows suit with their agility poles which come in sets of four and are easily maneuverable thanks to a handy, heavy-duty carry bag.

These poles have everything you've come to expect, although their construction differs from the other training poles we've listed. Each pole is split in half and is joined by a middle tread. The halves can be snapped together when used and allow the poles to be folded up when you need to transport them.

Uber Soccer Flexibase Agility Poles

as worth mentioning because of their spring-based rebound capabilities, which can help to prevent injury and keep them firmly upright when in use.

QUICKPLAY PRO Speed and Agility Set

Another great product from QUICKPLAY PRO, this speed and agility has just about everything a sportsman-in-training could possibly need.

Not only does this set include no less than 10 training poles, but it also comes with 20 slotted cones, 5 bungee cords, and a great heavy-duty carry bag to keep everything in one place. Each piece of equipment here features bright neon coloring and durable construction, and the array of pieces available means you'll never go wanting.

Quite frankly, it's impossible to go wrong with the QUICKPLAY PRO Speed and Agility set.

Wrap Up

If you were struggling before to find a suitable gift for the soccer player in your life, we're confident that our list has - at the very least - set you on the right track and given you an array of great products to choose from. Whichever of these products you choose, we guarantee that you won't go wrong.

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