torxx smart ball pump review

Torxx Smart Ball Pump Review

Published date: August 27, 2019

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  • Made in the USA
  • Automatic and manual settings
  • The LED screen shows PSI reading
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable
  • Light and portable


  • Quite expensive

No matter what sport you play, if you rely on a ball that has air in it, it’s going to need to be pumped up from time to time. A slightly deflated soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, or football can literally ruin a good game for you and your teammates.

Each ball will have its own psi (pounds per square inch) requirement, which tells you how much air should be in the ball. While there are many ways you can pump up a ball in theory, many are not recommended (bike pumps and compressed air canisters, for example).

Plus, how are you supposed to know when the ball has reached its optimum psi? We review the Torxx Smart Ball Pump as it seems to be the answer to all our pumping problems, but will it match up to our expectations?

Torxx Smart Ball Pump

The Smart Ball Pump from Torxx is the company’s first innovative product on the market. This brand aims to design and manufacture products that will revolutionize the industry, helping to enhance excellence in competitive sports. This smart ball pump is designed to be used to inflate any kind of ball, from footballs to handballs.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for anyone who plays sports with inflatable balls and needs to inflate the balls from time to time to the correct psi pressure, thereby eliminating the need for guessing. This ball pump would also be useful to someone in charge of a lot of balls so that they can all be inflated quickly and easily.

This would be especially handy for a professional in the sports industry, such as a coach or trainer, who will benefit from ensuring that their players are practicing with the right psi to accustom them to the feel of a qualifying ball in the sport. 

What’s Included?

When your Torxx Smart Ball Pump arrives, it will come packaged safely in a box along with a micro-USB cable to charge the device. You'll also receive a user manual with instructions.

Overview of the Features

Designed and made right here in the USA, the Torxx Smart Ball Pump is used by professionals and sports programs all around the world. Here are just a few things that stood out for us:

  • Ease of Use

This ball pump is really easy to use, even without reading the instructions. You can’t really go wrong with the large plus and minus sign buttons for when you want to inflate and deflate any ball of your choice.

There are automatic and manual settings too, so if you have a lot of balls to inflate, or always inflate the same kind of ball (to the same psi), then you can just preset the automatic setting to fill each ball with eight psi (for basketballs) or 13 psi (for footballs).

  • Fast and Lightweight

From brand new and completely flat, it will take under 10 seconds to fill a basketball to eight psi. A coach could fill all the team balls in just a few minutes, every few weeks, to ensure that the players are practicing with regulation balls.

Weighing just 12.5 ounces, the Torxx Smart Ball Pump can be easily stored away in a locker. You can even carry it in a backpack or ball bag to take along with you to anywhere you might need it.

  • Rechargeable 

As with all great tech these days, it’s fully rechargeable, so you don’t have to mess around with replacing batteries of a certain size to keep this device operational. Just plug it in for around two hours to fully charge. Once charged, you’ll be able to inflate around 50 balls before needing to charge the device again.

  • Great Quality

This smart ball pump is a great quality product with a large and easy-to-read LED screen. This display accurately tells you exactly what the current psi of any given ball is.

As it’s made here in the USA, you can trust that its quality and readings are accurate. In turn, you can keep your eye on the game rather than the ball. It’s also been designed specifically to reduce the potential for needle breakage, and there is a protective cap that stores the needle safely when not in use.

How to Use this Ball Pump

There is a protective cap covering the needle when the ball pump isn’t in use. Therefore, to reveal the needle and turn the pump on, you just need to twist the cap to the right, push up, and twist it back to the left.

On the other hand, if you wish to turn the ball pump off and replace the protective cap, then you just reverse the procedure. Pretty simple, right?


If the smart ball pump from Torxx is a little out of your price range, then perhaps consider this portable ball pump from LLivekit. It is another automatic ball pump that is small and convenient to carry around. This device has auto and manual settings too, so you can fill any ball with the correct pressure easily.

However, while it wouldn’t be as arduous a task as a hand pump, if you have a lot of balls to fill, it would take you much longer to complete with this pump. This takes up to three minutes to fill each ball compared to under 10 seconds if you use the Torxx pump.

This device comes with two needles for inflation (one spare in case the other one breaks), a trachea pipe to connect them to the pump, and a handy waterproof carrying bag to keep all the bits together.

This portable ball pump runs on three AA batteries, which means that you will also have to replace batteries from time to time. Nevertheless, the pump is protected under a 12-month warranty, which gives you great peace of mind.


With many giving the Torxx Smart Ball Pump five out of five stars, we would say that if you’re thinking about investing in this product, then you should go for it. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s well worth it if you have a lot of balls to pump up. In addition, the deflate feature works well. If you are a soccer coach and want to deflate the balls slightly for heading drills, then it is invaluable. It will save you from doing any guesswork when it comes to achieving the correct pressure, and save you an awful lot of time over the years as it’s so quick and easy to use!