Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes Review

Published date: November 4, 2019

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Quick Overview






  • Could be used for soccer and other sports
  • Feel lightweight when worn
  • Have fantastic traction
  • Great for off-season conditioning
  • Fit skinny feet perfectly


  • Require specific sizing
  • May be too thin for regular feet
  • Will need to be broken in

Are you looking for cleats? Reading customer reviews, such as this Under Armor shoes review, can help you to get the best pair of footwear for your favorite sports.

As one of the most prestigious brands in the sports industry, top-tier quality is to be expected when you buy from Under Armor. The Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes are no different, as they have patented technology designed for optimal comfort and durability.

Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes

The primary objective of these shoes is to give you a far more comfortable pair of cleats to wear for practice and games. With their sleek and stylish appearance, your feet will look and feel great, especially when compared to other brands of cleats.

Another essential feature you can take advantage of is their improved support. With a specialized support cage, you can worry less about ankle injuries and focus more on your game. This feature is also great for people who are prone to overextending their ankles while playing.

Who Are These Shoes Meant For?

Though the name suggests that these shoes are designed for men, they are available in an array of sizes. The fact that they come in a neutral design with unisex colors makes them a fantastic option for women, too.

Really, anyone who is interested in improving the amount of traction and resilience they have while on the field will be able to benefit from these cleats.

Another substantial part of the Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes is their breathability. If you have sweaty feet, you’ll appreciate the coated textile and how it offers consistent ventilation. Optimal airflow in your cleats is also one of the essential parts of preventing your shoes from smelling as you wear them.

What’s Included?

Just like when you would order any other pair of cleats, the only item that comes with your order is the shoes. They don’t arrive with an extra pair of laces, which would be convenient to have on-hand. You can easily find shoelaces from your local sports store, if necessary.

You might also want to consider investing in a microfiber cloth for wiping your shoes down after every practice and game. A soft cloth can help to keep the outer shell protected from signs of wear and tear.

Overview of the Features

Packed with a lot of features, as will be discussed below, these cleats are likely more reliable than any other pair you own and will ever own.

  • Coated Textile

The textiles used to make the outside of the shoe feature a special coating that makes the shoes stiffer. This feature is highly recommended to improve the overall security and stability of your cleats, especially if you love cutting corners while playing. The exterior coating is also highly useful for protecting the shoes from damage from dirt and rain.

  • Support Cage

As mentioned earlier, the Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes has a specialized support cage. This is necessary for giving your ankles the support they require to play safe. You’ll also love the amount of stability you get with each step as you run.

  • Mesh Tongue

Although the majority of the cleats is breathable, having a mesh tongue is an added advantage. This creates optimal airflow around the top of the shoe, which is useful for people whose feet sweat more than others. When playing in hot weather, your feet will feel far more comfortable with these shoes on.

  • Protective Toe Cap

The molded toe cap not only allows for more space inside the shoe but also helps to protect your toes. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about getting stepped on as much as you would with lesser quality cleats. Also, it adds durability to the front of the cleats.

  • Secondary Cleats

On the sole of the shoes, you’ll notice there are two sets of cleats. The secondary cleats are highly recommended for players who need to make razor-sharp cuts. They are also ideal for getting optimal acceleration when you’re in one-on-one situations.

  • EVA Sock Liner

On the inside of the shoe, you’ll notice that the Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes has a die-cut EVA sock liner. This feature helps to add to the comfort of the shoes. It also gives you improved durability under your feet.

How to Get the Most Out of These Shoes

The best piece of advice to have in order to make the most out of your sports equipment is to ensure that you keep them clean. This part is especially true with cleats, as they experience the brunt of the damage when playing sports. You will want to ensure you wipe them down with a soft cloth after every single practice and game.

Another great tip is to keep the shoes stored in a cool and dry place during the off-season. The more moisture they are exposed to, the more likely they are to start smelling. As the shoes have both textile and synthetic materials, maintaining them should be easy.


A great alternative to the Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes is the Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 Football Shoes. The most impressive features of the Nike cleats include:

  • Full Synthetic Upper

The entire upper of these cleats are made from synthetic materials, so the shoes feel far more lightweight on your feet. They’ll fit just like a second skin, allowing you to make the freest moved possible.

  • Partial Bootie

The overall design of these cleats is somewhere between high-top and low-cut cleats. They have a partial bootie that helps to give your foot and ankle superior security.

  • 12-Stud Cleat Configuration

Overall, the most impressive part of the Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 Football Shoes is that they have a 12-stud cleat configuration on the sole. With this feature, you’ll experience optimal traction and stability, as well as explosiveness, with your movements and speed.

Under Armor Shoes Review: Verdict

The Under Armor Men’s Nitro Football Shoes is a great all-around pair of shoes for someone looking for the best football cleats. With a versatile design that also makes them great for soccer, they are well worth the investment. Also, most Under Armor shoes reviews about this model are positive, making them a reliable choice.