What Does FC Mean in Soccer

What Does FC Mean in Soccer?

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You may have seen this acronym written as part of a soccer team name, for example FC Barcelona. You may have wondered, what does FC mean in soccer? We will cover this, along with other related terms that could be confusing. After reading this article, you will know what FC stands for in soccer. We'll also take a look at why soccer clubs are called football clubs in most of the world, but not in the USA.

What does FC stand for in Soccer?

You will see FC before or after the name of a soccer team and in English, it means 'Football Club'. The FC may come before or after the name depending on which country the team is in. And by extension, the language which is spoken there. For example, you have Chelsea FC in England and FC Bayern Munich in Germany.

What does CF mean in soccer?

In Spanish speaking countries, the 'C' comes before the 'F'. This means, Club de Football or in English, Club Football. An example would be CF Monterrey who plays in the Liga MX.

What does AFC Mean in football?

You might come across teams which uses AFC. This an acronym for 'Association Football Club'. AFC tends to get used in England. So, you have teams like AFC Bournemouth and AFC Wimbledon. In the Netherlands, the most successful club is AFC Ajax. The 'A' in this case stands for 'Amsterdamsche' which means 'from Amsterdam'.

What does FIFA mean in soccer?

You might come across the abbreviation 'FA' which you are unlikely to see in relation to a specific club. The reason is that 'FA' stands for Football Association. This is the governing body within a country.

The biggest example of where 'FA' is used in relation to a governing body, is FIFA. FIFA is the body that oversees soccer for the entire world. It is FIFA who, among many other things, are responsible for organizing the World Cup every four years. FIFA stands for Federation Internationale Football Association. The reason the name is in French is due to the fact that FIFA was founded in Paris in 1904.

Where did the word soccer come from?

Many people think that the word 'soccer' comes from the USA. And that it is the word they use for football to differentiate it from American football. The term soccer actually originated in Britain. It is believed that soccer is derived from the word 'Association'. As you will recall the official name of the sport is 'Association Football'.

In the earliest days of the sport, the word soccer was widely used in the UK for what they now call football. The term soon fell out of use when football replaced it. This is why many teams in the UK, have 'FC' in their name as a Football Club, rather than 'SC' for Soccer Club.


Hopefully, this article provided clarity about the difference between the various acronyms. If you enjoyed this article, you may want to read this one about why soccer is popular.