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What is a Corner Kick in Soccer

Published date: October 13, 2021

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Soccer is one of the top sports today, with people worldwide playing and watching in anticipation. However, most people don't realize that there are many techniques required to play soccer well. For example, there are several kicks that soccer players can master to improve their gameplay and become the most robust and most successful soccer players that they can be. But what is a corner kick in soccer and how can you improve your corner kick skills? Find out here.

What is a Corner Kick in Soccer?

The referee can award a corner kick if a player on the defending team touches the ball last and it moves past the goal line without scoring a goal. Kicking a successful corner kick can be a significant game-changer in a soccer game. However, there are strict rules when it comes to a corner kick. These rules are:

  • Before a corner kick can be taken, the ball needs to be positioned in the closest corner of the field to where it left the field.
  • A player from the attacking team needs to take the corner kick, and the ball has to be stationary. The corner kick will not be allowed if the ball is already moving when the kick is taken.
  • A corner kick can not cause the corner flag to be removed. The corner flags on a soccer field can never be moved or removed during a game.
  • While the attacking player is kicking a corner kick, the opposing team members can't come closer than 10 yards from where the corner kick is being kicked.

The regulations make taking a corner kick not as straightforward as most players would like it to be. However, these strict rules make the game more enjoyable to play and watch. Therefore, having a player on the team who can kick a corner kick at any angle is a massive advantage to any team.

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How Does a Player Kick a Corner Kick?

By following these tips, you will improve your corner kick by a great deal, making you a great asset to any team. Here is the best advice for kicking a successful corner kick.

  • The placement of the ball can make a huge difference when you are taking a corner kick. This is because the ball has to either touch or be within the corner arc line. If a player has placed the ball and it isn't within or touching the corner arc, the corner kick can't be kicked.
  • Be sure that your team members know what the plan is. A strong team is a team that communicates so that everyone knows what the plan is.
  • Step back and give yourself enough space for a run-up to the ball without removing the corner flag.
  • Start your run-up and kick the ball as best you can. Practice makes perfect.

Are There Any Essential Things to Keep in Mind When it Comes to a Corner Kick?

Yes, a few elements can improve your corner kick and make it possible for you to master the skill faster. Here are a few critical points to keep in mind when taking your corner kicks.

  • A successful corner kick is a direct kick. This means that a team can score a goal with the help of a corner kick.
  • Substitutions are allowed when a corner kick is awarded. There is a short, natural play break when a corner kick is awarded, so both teams can make substitutions before taking a corner kick. This, of course, is only if it is allowed by the referee. However, most experienced soccer players prefer not to make substitutions during this time as it can lead to confusion.
  • When a player receives the corner kick ball, the receiver can't be offside. The result is that you often notice the defending team players attempting to defend the goal by standing on the goal line.
  • Short corner kicks can be just as effective as far balls. Experienced players consider short kicks to be shorter than 10 yards. The advantage of taking a short corner kick is that the opposing team players aren't allowed to come closer than 10 yards, so by taking a shorter kick, you make it impossible for them to get near the ball.
  • A goal kick and a corner kick are not the same things. A goal kick has to be kicked from the six-yard box that is found next to the goal of the defending team. In contrast, a corner kick is kicked from the soccer field's corner.


When it comes to fantastic team sports, soccer is one of the best ones. Players get to improve their skills and stay fit without the health risks that several other sports offer. In addition, the game builds excellent team spirit that makes the team stronger. It's a win-win in the sports world.

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