zepp play soccer performance sensor review

Zepp Play Soccer Performance Sensor Review

Published date: August 31, 2019

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Quick Overview





  • Monitor your performance via kicks, speed, distance
  • Record your team’s performance
  • Shoot highlights reel
  • Two different sizes of calf sleeves
  • Bluetooth information to an app
  • User-friendly app


  • Can’t compare your stats to professionals via the app

If you play soccer, whether it’s at school, college, work, or during your free time, it’s always more fun when you’re doing your best and performing well. Then again, it’s not always practical or possible to practice in front of a professional coach, so it’s difficult to make improvements to your game without someone to tell you where you’re going wrong.


We live in a digital age, and it was only a matter of time before soccer training went digital too! In fact, there are already several performance rating kits you can choose from, and in this article, we decided to review the Zepp Play Soccer Performance Sensor to see how it matches up.

Zepp Play Soccer Performance Sensor

Zepp produces wearable sports technology that is made for athletes by athletes. The company’s passion for sports is evident as they aim to provide you with meaningful data to help you improve your game faster.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is ideal for anyone who loves playing soccer. This app allows you to track performance metrics, so it is fantastic for anyone looking to perfect their soccer strategy.

This is also an extremely useful tool for team captains or coaches as it helps them keep an eye on team stats to decide on future strategy and play.

What’s Included?

You will receive one Zepp Play Soccer sensor as well as two calf sleeves to help you wear the sensor in position. As soon as you outgrow the smaller calf sleeve, there’s another one waiting for you! You also receive a charger cable to recharge the sensor when needed.

Overview of the Features

This performance tracker is worn on your calf in a specially designed calf sleeve. We think it’s a really good place to wear a sensor as you don’t even notice it’s there most of the time. What’s more, it definitely doesn’t interfere with play.

When the sensor is worn during a soccer game, it will keep track of all your personal field stats such as information on your kicks, sprints, distance traveled, and max speed. Here are other things you’d appreciate about this device:

  • Connectivity

You can connect the sensor to your smartphone using Bluetooth, so connecting to the app after the game is quick and easy to begin viewing your performance metrics. The data allows you to brush up on your technique and strategy faster and better than ever before, and it’s pretty exciting to see how you did each time too.

Over time, you can also monitor your improvements in various different metrics such as kick speeds, distance traveled per match, personal bests, and goal conversion rates.

  • Ease of Use

This sensor is rechargeable via a USB, so you don’t have to mess around with replacing batteries, which is great, and it saves you money as well.

  • Calf Sleeves in Different Sizes

We love the fact that you also get two different calf sleeves included in the kit to fit any a slightly smaller and larger calf (the smaller one fits users up to 5’7 and the larger fits users above 5’7 in height).

Having two size options means that the calf sleeve is likely to provide a better fit, plus it will grow with the user if bought for a younger soccer player. If your teammates also invest in a Zepp Play Soccer kit, then you can monitor the team performance together, combine data and videos from multiple players, creating game summaries for your team.

  • Highlights Video

The app can also be used to record your soccer game, which your friends can tag and keep track of real-time game highlights. Then, it automatically edits into a highlights video for you at the end of the match.

Share your highlights reel with friends and family or even a live game timeline so they can keep track of your match in real-time.

How to Get the Most out of It

The best way to get the most out of this performance sensor is to wear it every time you play soccer. The information that you can get from the app after each game will massively help you identify your areas of weakness, therefore highlighting the areas you’d need to improve.


If you don’t like wearing your sensor down on your calf, then you could take a look at this C Catapult Playertek Wearable GPS Tracker, which monitors your performance through a vest that GPS tracks you on the pitch.

The vest comes in a choice of six different sizes from XXS to XL. As it’s worn on your chest, it GPS tracks your speed, location, and other stats. However, it can’t monitor your kicks or kick speed, which is a shame.

Nevertheless, the app shows your position and movement on the pitch during each game. This means that you can see how you affected the result. It also provides an analysis of your performance over the last 10 matches, which is really handy.

You can compare your outputs to your friends’ scores, or indeed the rest of the world’s in C Catapult World League. You can also compare your outputs against professional players in the sport to see how you rate against your favorite soccer heroes. It also comes in a really nice presentation box, making it a great gift for the soccer lover in your life.


The C Catapult Playertek Wearable GPS Tracker is a fantastic piece of kit, and to be fair, any soccer player would be thrilled to own it. The interface is really easy to use, and it tracks some great stats and performance metrics to help improve your game. However, at over double the price of the Zepp Play Soccer Performance Sensor, we just couldn’t find anything about it that justified the extra money.

If anything, the Zepp Play Soccer Sensor offered more data due to the location of the sensor being on the leg, which means that kick stats are recorded on top of everything else. It doesn’t track your position on the field through heat sensor, but it doesn’t have to as you can film the entire match on the Zepp app, tagging highlights (and lowlights) at the same time.

All in all, we think the Zepp Play Soccer Performance Sensor is a really fantastic piece of tech, and you won’t be sorry if you invest in it for yourself, or for someone else.